Brookings Fred Meyer

A strike could affect the Brookings Fred Meyer location.

Apparently bracing for a potential strike, Fred Meyer recently posted fliers in their grocery stores seeking replacement workers, offering a pay rate of $15 per hour.

The fliers reportedly say the store is accepting applications as a “precautionary measure due to a potential labor dispute with the UFCW Local 555.” The fliers described above were not evident at the Brookings Fred Meyer Store.

A strike by the union seemingly would affect the Fred Meyer store n Brookings, among those in other cities.

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555 announced earlier this week that it has canceled all contracts with Fred Meyer par-ent company Kroger “due to unfair labor practices by Fred Meyer,” according to a press release from the union.

The union stressed that a contract cancelation did not put its workers in jeopardy. “The law requires employers to maintain the status quo for their employees,” according to the press release.

Labor union spokesperson Kelley McAllistair said that Fred Meyer advertising for temporary workers is a “technique to scare our workers,” according to an article on the Portland Mercury blog website.

In its press release, the union accused the company of other intimidation tactics as well, including the “widespread one-on-one ‘captive audience’ meetings that Fred Meyer CCK employees were recently subjected to.”

The UFCW Local 555 press release said Fred Meyer stores took its actions in spite of the union

“stating in no uncertain terms that a strike would not be called as part of this announcement.” The union said further details would follow on Sept. 22.

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555 represents grocery workers in Oregon and south-west Washington. The negotiations are not just with Fred Meyer stores, but also include Safeway, QFC and Alberston’s. That said, there’s no indication grocery stores other than Fred Meyer’s are advertising for replacements, according to the union’s press release.


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