Social Security Bar

A lease by the county for an RV park at Social Security Bar is one of several topics to be considered at a Brookings City Council workshop at on Jan. 6.

Prohibition of beach camping inside city limits, a draft Social Security Bar lease agreement with the county, land development code revisions for accessory dwelling units, and code revisions for homeless resources are up for discussion at 4 p.m. on Jan. 6 during a Brookings City Council Workshop. The meeting will be held in council chambers at 898 Elk Drive in Brookings.

The prohibition of beach camping inside the city limits of Brookings has previously been declined by the Council in 2009 and 2016. The city has received multiple complaints from area residents concerning transient camping at Mill Beach since development of the access site in 2013.

Recently, local management for Oregon State Parks approached the city because of a significant increase in compliance issues, illegal activity and garbage at the Mill Beach location.

A draft 50-year lease agreement between Curry County and the City for the county to develop an RV park at Social Security Bar will be discussed at the meeting. Social Security Bar has been the subject of many citizen complaints about public nuisances including illegal camping, dumping and noise.

The proposal would provide a camp host, RV camping facilities, restrooms and management of the site to enhance recreational experiences without hindering public and city access to the gravel bar.

Revisions to the accessory dwelling unit codes are in response to HB 2001, signed into law in August by Governor Kate Brown. Provisions that must be amended to comply with HB 2001 include requirements that the property owner must occupy the property as a primary residence and the requirement for provision of off-street parking.

The final agenda item will explore various options to revise the land development code to include services for homelessness as a use. The code revisions would allow for temporary (seasonal) housing options for homeless individuals and families.

The packet includes options other local governments have implemented that include regulations for car camping, temporary lodging facilities, designated rest stops, camping on private property tiny home villages. Sample ordinances from Coos Bay and Eugene are provided as exhibits in the packet.

The entire meeting information packet containing more information on all of the agenda items is available on the City of Brookings website at:


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