Rebuttal to Other Views

I would like to post a rebuttal to the Other Views, which I feel is really your opinion.

Regarding the issue of tariffs and how terrifying they are. They are only terrifying against the country they are imposed upon.

Let’s look at the facts. President Trump obtained concessions from Mexico based on his threat of imposing a tariff on imported goods of 5 percent. Mexico needs us more than we need them and if they don’t enforce their borders, shame on them.

Tariffs are effective, especially if Congress doesn’t do anything to stop the flow of illegal migration.

Stock market is rising, unemployment is at record lows and more jobs are being created (than) in decades.

I find it interesting that the progressives are upset about the tariffs being a tax on the people. I always thought the Democrats never met a tax they didn’t like.

By the way, I never won an Emmy but I have won awards so I guess I can put an award winning after my name.

Allan W. Stewart


Commissioner Debacle

Remembering BOC’s (Thomas) Huxley, (Sue) Gold debacle/punishing political enemies (including the only commissioner doing his job at the time — Court Boice), the destructo-duo left a dark mark. Observing nonprofits and the good work that they normally do, there are a few in south Curry modeling this bad behavior.

First, it seemed to be a flaw in local group dynamics of nonprofits. My private citizen due diligence reveals these toxic nonprofits have a direct connection to the destructo-duo.

Example, KCIW’s news director filed false information: “Commissioner (Christopher) Paasch is using the County website to promote his personal business. There is a link to this website on his page, and the website asked for donations. We are a VERY SMALL community, and I am in the process of establishing a news organization for our local radio station, KCIW. Since I will be working with Mr. Paasch in my role as KCIW News Director, I hope you will understand my request to keep my name private regarding this complaint. If this is something that falls within your purview and you do follow up, I will of course be reporting on it, so would like to be kept informed. I look forward to hearing from you.”

Commissioner Paasch’s response: “To pick on a children’s foundation so you can create a future news story is not only unethical but undermines the very fabric of journalism.”

It takes leadership to address false information whether at local nonprofits or in local government. Thanks, commissioner.

Skip Hunter