Curry Coastal Pilot

Curry County voters were asked to vote on three ballot questions in a special election Tuesday (May 21).

The ballot questions follow, along with the results of tallied voters as reported by Curry County Clerk Renee Kolen.

The explanation of each issue was taken from files at the Curry County Clerk’s office.

Shall Curry County be authorized to collect a transient lodging tax throughout Curry County except in the cities?

Citizens voted: ** Yes 57 percent

No 43 percent

This is a tax on guests who stay in local hotels and other lodgings. By state law, seventy percent (70%) of the net county lodging tax collections are dedicated for tourism promotion and tourism related facilities; thirty percent (30%) may be used to fund other county services. This measure may raise an estimated $602,000 for tourism promotion and tourism-related facilities; and approximately $258,000 for other county services. The tax would be imposed only in the unincorporated areas of the county, and not in the cities. By state law, lodging operators may retain 5% of tax collections for their administrative costs. The Curry County Commissioners approved Curry County Ordinance No. 19-01 imposing a 7% tax on lodging guests at hotels, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, condos, RV Parks, campgrounds, vacation rentals and other similar

transient lodging facilities for stays less than 30 days. But this tax cannot be effective unless the voters approve. This is not a tax on homeless people. This is not a tax to raise money to lodge homeless people.

In your opinion should Curry County tax goods and services purchased in the County? Exemptions would


Citizens voted: Yes 17 percent

** No 83 percent

The outcome of the election on this advisory question will not be binding, It will provide information to the Board of County Commissioners while the Board formulates policy.

A 1.5% to 2% consumption tax on goods and services, and real estate in excess of $100,000, could generate between $2.5 million and $3.5 million. Approximately half of the receipts would come from visitors and out of county shoppers; the remaining half would come from county residents. Revenues would be designated to specific accounts so as to ensure tax dollars collected are not being directed to county personnel and their retirement accounts. This proposal would not affect the current property tax rate.

In your opinion, should Curry County be able to tax the production of recreational and medical marijuana?

Citizens voted: ** Yes 63 percent

No 37 percent

The outcome of the election on this advisory question will not be binding. It will provide information to the Board of County Commissioners while the Board formulates policy. State law currently prevents Counties from taxing marijuana production. In December, 2017 the Association of Oregon Counties, which includes Curry County, formally recommended that state law be changed so that five Southwest Oregon counties (Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson and Josephine) could tax marijuana production. Subsequently Douglas withdrew from the proposal, and Lane joined the effort. Following legislative approval, voters of each county could then decide whether to impose such a tax. Property tax rates would not be impacted. The state currently collects annual fees from marijuana producers. Under the counties' proposal, the state would also collect an annual amount for the county in which each grow site is located, and provide that additionally collected amount to the county. The revenue collected from marijuana producers would be dedicated to a law enforcement trust fund. This proposal would not affect the current property tax rate.

Voters were also asked to elect commissioners or school board members.

Citizens chose the following candidates to serve in the listed roles:

(In contested elections, the actual votes are shown and the winners are marked with a double asterisk.)

Port Orford-Langlois School Board

Pos. 2

Phyllis Johns

Pos. 3

Sandra Anderson

Port Orford Port District

Pos. 4

David Rickel –– 139

** Aaron Ashdown –– 456

Pos. 5

Michael Hewitt –– 139

** Leila Thompson(Cassel) –– 503

Langlois Library District

Pos. 1

Paula Baudry

Pos. 2

** Sandra McDonald –– 171

David Terrusa –– 36


** Susan Orbom –– 134

Christopher Johnson –– 55

Pos. 4

Joanna Rieber

Pos. 5

Marcia Heinzman –– 43

** Carol Waxman –– 151

Port Orford Library District

Pos. 3

Ken Fliszar

Pos. 4

** Vicki D Young –– 289

Penelope Suess –– 265

Pos. 5

John Hewitt

Curry Health District

Pos. 1

Karen Kennedy

Pos. 5

Bryan Gruman

Central Curry School District

Pos. 2

Nancy Sorensen

Pos. 4

Luke Martinez

Pos. 4

Kiley Clarno

Pos. 5

Andrew Wright

Gold Beach Port District

Pos. 1

Bill Fowler

Pos. 2

** Charles Riddle –– 460

Bob Dark –– 420

Pos. 5

Hank Eckardt

Curry Public Library District

Pos. 1

Alaina Pepin

Pos. 3

Jerry Herbage

Pos. 4

John Harper

Pos. 5

Tim Scullen

Agness Community Library District

Pos. 1

Clare Bowen

Pos. 5

Willis Crouse

Brookings-Harbor School District

Pos. 1

Jay Trost

Pos. 3

Janell Howard

Pos. 5

Michael (Ted) Fitzgerald –– 838

** Janece Payne –– 1,417

Port of Brookings Harbor District


Joseph Speir

Pos. 2

** Sharon Hartung –– 1,451

Wesley Ferraccioli –– 707

Pos. 3

Roy Davis

Pos. 4

Richard Heap


Kenneth Range

Chetco Community Public Library District

Pos. 3

Peggy Goergen

Pos. 4

Micheal (Ted) Fitzgerald

Pos. 5

Judith Seyle

Harbor Rural Fire Protection District1

Pos. 2

** Peggy Ghiringhelli –– 428

Peter Flanderka –– 231

Pos. 3

Ken Hall

Pos. 5

Rex Peterson –– 287

** Patra Brazil –– 438