Boyd C. Allen

Curry Pilot

A mailing sent to Brookings water customers Friday and Saturday began arriving in mailboxes this week and had some residents concerned about possible water contamination in early April.

Officials announced in April they had corrected a mechanical failure at a water collection and treatment site on the Chetco River. The failure resulted in water not receiving sufficient disinfection April 7 and 8, City Manager Janell Howard said.

The recent paper notice was mailed to comply with state requirements, Howard said, and did not indicate that other issues with the water had occurred or that there had been any illnesses reported.

The city has received no reports of illness, according to Howard.

“We were required to mail the notice to every household in our system (households that receive water bills),” she said. “But the notice essentially repeats what was said in the press release that was posted at the time of the incident.”

According to project manager Michael Matheson, the affected site draws water from 48 to 50 feet below the ground, and the water is minimally treated there before treatment is completed at the water plant.

“We are required to disinfect drinking water taken from the Chetco River, and for a period of 13 hours (in early April), we did not provide enough treatment time because of a mechanical failure and our inability to access the disinfection unit due to flooding,” Howard said.

This was a violation of water treatment requirements and the city was required to notify the public accordingly, Howard added.

She said the situation was not an emergency and when flood water receded on the Chetco River, repair crews were able to access the disinfection unit and make corrections.

The city did not detect evidence of contamination in, or other health threats to, its source water, according to the report.

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