April 22

Monte Clinton Hakola, 40, of West Wenatchee, Washington; first-degree criminal trespassing, released.

Miranda Lee Wagner, 32, of Port Orford; parole violation; released.

Anthony Lee Halcumb, 22, of Gold Beach; probation violation, no bail.

Megan Nicole Greer, 40, of Brookings; second-degree criminal trespassing, booked and released.

Shane Michael Ortiz, Jr, 46, of Brookings; third-degree theft, booked and released.

Alan R. Heckard, 49, of Sixes; DUII, booked and released.

Russell Lee Chappel, 64, of Smith River; first- and second-degree criminal mischief, booked and released.

April 23

Robert Bass, 28, of Brookings; failure to register as a sex offender, conditional release.

Burton Leroy Groves, 34, of Brookings; probation violation, no bail.

Patrick Moises Viveros, 24, of Brookings, probation violation, $50,000 bail.

Keith Steven Bergeron, 34, of Brookings; providing false information to police, parole board warrant and an outside hold from Crook County, no bail listed.

Suzanne Marie Hamilton, 51, of Brookings; second-degree assault, felon in possession of a firearm, unlawful use of a firearm; bail $100,000.

Aaron Tyler Amos, 46, of Brookings; failure to register as a sex offender and bailed out.

April 24

Scott Allen Vandecar, 28, of Crescent City; unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and third-degree theft, $37,500 bail.

Marcus Von Freersken, 45, of Riddle; DUII, forced release.

April 25

Daniel Michael Knapp, 50, of Port Orford; parole violation, unauthorized use of a motorized vehicle, $25,000 bail.

Alexis Jorner Warne, 66, of Brookings; second-degree disorderly conduct, harassment, booked and released.

Darwin Matthew Jensen, 52, of Port Orford; first-, second- and third-degree criminal mischief, bailed out.

April 26

Joseph Demoria Beasley, 47, of Brookings; fourth-degree assault, two charges of strangulation, $75,000 bail.