by Boyd C. Allen

Pilot Staff Writer

Lisa Dion, Brookings-Harbor High School (BHHS) principal, and Mark Hebert, BHHS assistant principal, have tendered their resignations, according to Superintendent Sean Gallagher.

Both plan to leave at the end of June.

Dion served five years as BHHS principal, and Hebert arrived just last year. Gallagher praised Dion for increasing the school’s graduation rate to just below the state average during her tenure, and credited Hebert with decreasing the BHHS absentee rate by 25 percent after starting the truancy court program in partnership with the city of Brookings and instituting other programs to address absences.

Gallagher said both positions are posted to the district hiring website and have been shared on regional and national search websites.

“As a computer technician and high school teacher, I am proud to have been a part of Mrs. Dion's team since her first day as principal,” teacher Dane Tippman said. “And I am equally proud to have had the chance to work with Mark Hebert, who was a reliable and hard-working vice principal.”

Hebert said he was working on plans for his future, and Dion did not respond to a request for comments about her departure.

District documents state applicants for the position of principal will be screened by April 2, interviewed by April 23 and the position offered to an applicant by April 26. The same process will be in place for the vice principal candidates and will follow the hiring of the principal.

Any questions about the hiring process can be directed to HR Coordinator Dede Corpening or Sean Gallagher at 541-469-7443.

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