Curry County Search and Rescue Team volunteers and others continue to search for a man who was testing a jet-ski on the Rogue River Sunday afternoon, went under the water and disappeared.

Sheriff John Ward said two local men between the ages of 20 and 30 were out on the water when one went under near Jim Hunt Creek just upriver from the Old Mill Site. As the incident is still active and under investigation, Ward declined to name either man but said at this point, it will probably be a body recovery rather than a rescue.

Five boats, including private operators and those from Search and Rescue, searched the river Sunday alongside a jet skier from Gold Beach Fire Department, fire crews and others along the banks and two divers in the water.

A Cal-Ore/Reach helicopter flew overhead from Jim Hunt Creek to the mouth of the Rogue River for more than an hour, to no avail. A Search and Rescue diver and others continued the search Monday morning.

Emergency personnel were summoned to the river at 4:18 p.m., and while kayakers in the area were able to assist one man from the 50-degree water, rescuers have yet to locate the second.