Chetco Point Park was closed Wednesday morning after law enforcement was notified that 31-year-old Tahnee Hoft of Brookings had been found dead on the rocks 80 to 100 feet below the steep cliffs near the bluff.

Law enforcement is not yet calling the incident a suicide, said Curry County Sheriff John Ward, as it is possible Hoft slipped from above. The incident is still is under investigation. The family has been notified.

Ropes teams from Curry County Search and Rescue were delayed by about a half-hour, as most of them live in Gold Beach and had to traverse Carpenterville Road, the detour established when U.S. 101 was washed away at Hooskanaden Slide in torrential rain the weekend of Feb. 25.

The woman’s body was lying in the rocky area below the cliffs, and personnel were trying to determine if it were easier to carry her out or float her on a backboard to a U.S. Coast Guard vessel, two of which were on standby in choppy seas in the cove.

A Coast Guard helicopter was summoned from North Bend Station, but was unable to leave due to weather conditions there, so rescuers slowly brought the body up the steep embankment.

Involved in the operation were the Curry County’s Sheriff’s Office, Brookings Police Department, Brookings Fire-Rescue and the U.S. Coast Guard.