Law enforcement in Williams, California, apprehended Danny Wayne Light earlier this month and identified Julie Denice Wheatley in connection with several burglaries in four states and in southern Curry County, Curry County Sheriff John Ward reported Wednesday.

Officers found stolen property in the vehicle after the crash that linked Light to some of the crimes, he said.

According to reports, 48-year-old Light was arrested after a high-speed pursuit and crash with California Highway Patrol in Williams, a small community on Interstate 5 northwest of Sacramento.

The investigation included more than 17 burglaries in Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona, Ward said. More than 20 investigators are working on the crimes believed to be committed by the two.

Wheatley, 39, has yet to be apprehended, but Det. Jaired Freeman said he was confident she will be soon.

The duo operated by renting vehicles, which allowed them to be inconspicuous, commit thefts and burglaries and flee without attracting too much attention, Freeman said. They then exchanged the vehicle for a new rental and moved to another area to continue their spree, according to law enforcement.

Law enforcement here has been in contact with regional authorities and collecting video and photos of the thieves. Ward said he recently received a call from Phoenix, Oregon, police saying photos indicated the two were the same ones that had struck that area, as well.

More information will be released as it becomes available, Freeman said.