The current FoodCorps service member serving Oregon’s South Coast through the Curry Soil and Water Conservation District, Katie Struth, has been teaching food and garden related classes and how growing food affects our watersheds at Riley Creek and Driftwood Schools.

Her lessons include teaching students about starting their own garden plants, what plants need to survive and how to make healthy, delicious snacks.

“It’s really special watching a student pull their first potato out of the ground and seeing the joy on their face,” Struth said. “Helping students make these connections to where their food comes from is why I love this kind of work.”

She also helps cafeteria staff prepare foods straight from the school garden.

“Cafeteria taste testings are a great way to get kids to try new foods,” Struth said “We have offered local blueberries in yogurt, and a local cranberry applesauce.”

Students are more likely to change their eating habits when they try new foods in a fun, positive setting, she added.”

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