During the last week of January, Oregon Coast Community Action, the anti-poverty agency in Coos and Curry counties, along with key community partners such as New Community Coalition and the Curry Homeless Coalition as well as community volunteers will conduct a count of persons experiencing homelessness in our communities. Visit www.orcca.us for specific days and times in your community.

The annual Homeless Point In Time Count is a federally required event performed by every county in the state and across the country one night during the last 10 days in January.

It is a count of all unsheltered and sheltered individuals and families experiencing homelessness and is vital to assessing need and leveraging resources to prevent and minimize homelessness in Oregon.

This information is collected and used year round by planning groups, policy makers on local, state and federal levels to inform work on homelessness.

To get the most accurate count possible, volunteers are needed to survey individuals as well as distribute supplies and donations. An hour training is required prior to the event.

If you would like to help visit www.orcca.us or contact Melvin Richins at 541-435-7080 ext. 367.