By Boyd C. Allen

Pilot Staff Writer

Although no leaks have been detected and no lines are closed, a white oil boom rings the water below the fuel dock at the Port of Brookings Harbor.

Port Manager Gary Dehlinger said staff placed the oil boom for containment in case of leaks.

The Port of Brookings Harbor Board of Commissioners was to meet Monday to discuss how to reroute the fuel lines to the dock before they are broken by the movement of the upper platform.

According to port records, the upper platform is moving down the slope toward the river because it was not properly anchored when it was built.

The meeting was canceled when the only contractor that provided a proposal withdrew, according to Dehlinger.

“We are working on Plan B now to address the issue,” he said. “Before they withdrew, the work was going to be pushed back to January. The port may have to do the work. We won’t know until later this week.”

Staff is gathering more information regarding the fuel dock for the next commissioners meeting Dec. 18.

The fuel dock’s upper platform has moved more than 2 inches in the last year, Dehlinger said at an earlier meeting, and the lines are visibly stressed. The lines run through the platform.

The meeting was to focus on plans to move the lines into a new configuration – freeing them from the dock platform – and commissioners would have considered adding security fencing around sensitive areas near the dock and fuel tanks.

According to port documents, an emergency declaration was being sought for work to reroute the lines due to “a substantial risk of loss, interruption of fuel service. . . and threats to health, welfare and safety.”

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