Following an assessment of bids by Port Engineer Jack Akin, the Port of Brookings Harbor Board of Commissioners has awarded a contract for $679,453 to Bergerson Construction to install pilings in Basin 1 — often called the sport basin — to secure docks.

The docks were loosened during winter storms in 2015 after older pilings worked loose during the storms and were found to be 10 or more feet short of their designed length, according to port staff.

The work will be funded through four sources including federal money from the Public Assist, the Hazard Mitigation Program and the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, according to Interim Manager Kathy Lindley Hall.

She said the three grants call for the port to pay 25 percent, but the port had secured a grant from Business Oregon for that portion.

The Port received notification in April that its Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan had been approved and would be eligible for federal funds.