Bruins boys soccer

Continuing their winning streak to 10-0 in league play, the Bruins ran over the South Umpqua Lancers Thursday with a 16-1 win.

While the Bruins preserved their 10-game winning streak, they saw the first blemish on their clean-sheet league season as the Lancers managed to score a goal.

The Bruins are now 10-0 in league, sitting comfortably in first place with no chance of being dethroned. The next closest team are the Umpqua Valley Christian/Melrose Christian Lions with a 6-2-1 record. Overall, the Bruins are 11-1 overall and ranked No. 3 in the OSAA 3A/2A/1A rankings. Currently, they have a total of 93 goals scored and only three allowed all season.

The Lancers scored fairly early on, but the Bruins were already ahead to make things 3-1. The first half ended with the Bruins in a wide 8-1 lead, with the Bruins doubling their points in the second half to end at 16-1.

Bruins coach Jess Beaman said the Bruins started feeling a little too safe on defense this game and along with adjusting to several substituted players they allowed a goal to get past. Several of the Bruins players were required to take the game off to preserve their 14-game eligibility for the end of the season.

With their regular season winding down, the Bruins will host Glide on Monday at 4:30 p.m. and finish off league play against Douglas when they travel to Winston on thursday to play at 5 p.m.

The Bruins are guaranteed a spot at state, but their performance in the rest of league play will determine who they will play in the first round, as well as their chances to host instead of travel. Beaman is also looking into arranging a non-league game before playoffs begin at the end of the month and is currently in talks with North Valley to potentially arrange a non-league game to help prepare for districts.

Bruins volleyball

As their season winds down to their final game next week, the Bruins volleyball players were determined to give a strong showing in their final home game of the season on Thursday as they celebrated Senior Night. The Bruins ultimately fell to the St. Mary’s Crusaders at 3-0, but still managed to play two of their closest sets of the year.

This loss puts the Bruins at 3-13 overall for the season, ranked No. 25 in the OSAA 3A rankings. In league the Bruins are 0-9 at seventh place in the Far West League.

The Bruins kept pace at the start of the first set, but the Crusaders broke away soon after and took things to 10-6. The Crusaders built upon their lead and eventually widened the gap to 20-11, but the Bruins made a huge rally to take things all the way up to 24-22, with the Crusaders only slightly ahead. Things came to a head when the Bruins reached a 25-25 time, but an error by the Bruins on a serve and a receive proved to be the killing stroke that secured the set for the Crusaders.

The second set played out similarly, with the Crusaders reaching a 20-10 lead. The Bruins wouldn’t go down without a fight though and tied things up once again at 24-24. It was a back and forth struggle between the two after that, with errors once again deciding the set as the Crusaders jumped ahead to win at 30-28.

The final set had the Bruins fall far behind, struggling as the Crusaders began things with a 10-5 lead. The Bruins simply couldn’t find a good footing to catch up, with the Crusaders taking the final set at 25-13.

“I don’t think it’s possible to get much closer than that to winning, besides winning,” said Bruins coach Lorinda Shew. “I felt like I did for every other match this season. It was fun to watch and coach, but we just couldn’t quite finish it. But it’s been great coaching these girls and watching them grow.”

Shew plans to brush up on general skills in these last few practices and try to round out a few of the team’s weaker points to end the season on a high note.

“I still haven’t given up hope that we can win at least one league game,” Shew said. “I’ve worked with most of the varsity girls for the last few years and it’s going to be bitter-sweet to finally end our season. They’ve been awesome to coach.”

The Bruins season will conclude next week when they travel to Sutherlin to play at 6:30 p.m.

Bruins JV volleyball

Coming off of a 3-2 win against Douglas on Tuesday, the Bruins junior varsity volleyball team played a close game against the St. Mary’s JV team on Thursday when they took a close 3-2 win.

“We played an exciting and challenging game versus St. Mary’s. Everyone on the team contributed to the win,” said Bruins JV coach Vanessa Nidiffer.

The Bruins won first set at 25-21 with the Crusaders turning around to take the second at a close 28-26. The third was a more solid win for St. Mary’s at 25-18, while the fourth ended in the Bruins favor at 25-21. The final set saw the Bruins take the win at 15-11 to break the tie.

Jordan Pryor topped aces at seven, while Stephenie Clay came in next best at five. Jordan Crosby took two blocks and 13 assists, while Madison Taylor contributed 15 kills.

Their final game of the season will be on Tuesday when they travel to play the Sutherlin JV team at 5 p.m.

Bruins cross country

The Bruins cross country team conquered the Pacific Invite Cinnamon Roll Run on Tuesday when the boys team took first place and reached several new season records. The girls were short a player this week and didn’t qualify for placing.

The top spot went to the Bruins on Tuesday as they took first with a team score of 20. The next best team was Myrtle Point at 64. Kaleb Barnes secured first place for the Bruins at 17:12.61, while Zachary Abblit came in right behind at second with a new season record of 17:54.1. The Bruins filled out most of the top 10 spots at the meet and Everett Van Maren also managed a new PR at 19:47.1 at 10th place.

Meagan Pearson came in as the top runner for the Bruins with a new PR at 24:14.32 in fifth place. Next best was Adelina Willis-Blunt at 26:15.67 in 10th and Elizabeth Strom at 26:36.95 in 11th.

The Bruins are still the top team in Special District 4 for the boys teams, with Kaleb Barnes as the top-ranked runner for the league. The Bruins final non-district game will be next Wednesday when they travel to Eureka to compete.

Panthers football

The Panthers moved their Friday game to Thursday last week when they took on Reedsport for a 46-26 victory.

This puts the Panthers at 1-1 in league this season, bumping them up to be tied for third place with the Toledo Boomers. Overall, the Panthers are 11-5 this season and ranked No. 28 in the OSAA 2A rankings.

Next week the Panthers will host Coquille on Friday at 7 p.m. for another league game.

Panthers volleyball

The Toledo Boomers visited the Panthers on Wednesday to play a rematch league volleyball game. The Boomers came out on top at 3-1, with the Panthers putting up a slightly stronger fight than their earlier game that ended 3-0 in the Boomer’s favor.

At 4-9 overall the season, the Panthers are ranked No. 33 in the OSAA 2A rankings. In league, they are currently 3-7 at fifth place in the Sunset Conference.

The Panthers wrap up their season next week after playing Myrtle Point on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. and hosting Bandon on Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

Panthers soccer

The Panthers independent co-ed soccer team hosted the Eagle Point Junior Varsity team on Wednesday for a second non-league game. The Eagles took another victory at 6-0 after defeating the Panthers earlier in the season at 12-3.

Next week the Panthers will take on Douglas at 4 p.m. on Tuesday before wrapping up their season on Thursday against Coquille/Myrtle Point at 4 p.m.