Editor’s note: The Pilot recently submitted a series of written questions to all seven candidates seeking election Nov. 6 to Brookings City Council. The following was submitted by the candidates.

Name: Dane Tippman

Age: 30

Spouse/partner: Jessica Yock-Tippman, no children

How long have you lived in Brookings: Since 2013, raised in Smith River.

Education: Del Norte County High School 2005, Career Technical Education teaching license in Oregon

Employment status: Teacher of computer science at Brookings-Harbor High School, mentor of Bruin News Club, BHHS Robotics Team 4110 advisor, Video Game Design Club mentor (2015 to Present), district computer technician at Brookings-Harbor School District 17C (2013 to Present).

What inspired you to run for council?

You need to know that I filed for a position on City Council because I have a sense of duty that drives me to continue serving my community. I am confident that my experience and my connection with Brookings has prepared me to become an effective member of the City Council team.

What do you hope to change?

When I look ahead to the city that I know Brookings can be in five years, I see a city that is cautious and budget-savvy about enacting new taxes without first building consensus and justifying the expenditure. The gas taxes are outstanding examples of well-directed and voter-supported taxes going toward one of the good functions of government; maintaining and improving our roads.

Where do you see Brookings in five years?

I see a Brookings that plays host to even more festivals, performances and celebrations. These events grow our local culture, provide incredible life experiences, encourage tourism and bring our community together.

I see a Brookings that continues to be kept safe and secure thanks to the efforts of the men and women of the public safety department. I see all of our departments receiving the funding they deserve to support the City of Brookings Strategic Plan.

I see a Brookings that cares about its young people; that continues to fill school stadiums and academic excellence events and scholarship awards ceremonies to celebrate the successes of our students. Every student can succeed, and I believe that our community must continue to explore options for facilities where kids can go to have fun, get engaged and connect with each other outside of school.

I support the commendable efforts of the Friends of the Brookings-Harbor Aquatic Center, as well as the concept of a performing arts center being discussed by the Friends of Music in partnership with other local performance and entertainment groups.

I see a Brookings that is able to provide affordable housing for our seniors and our working families. The South Coast Development Council’s 2017 Brookings Housing Needs Assessment, the Curry Homeless Coalition’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness, our municipal code’s existing chapter on Workforce Housing and, once it’s complete, the Curry County Housing Study are all documents that can inform our Council’s leadership on this issue.

Name your top three priorities

Developing and reviewing policies, goals and plans with the belief that a well-regulated local government can provide beneficial services for its people.

Continued improvements to quality and availability of health and human services, including mental health.

Data-driven stewardship of our surrounding forests, city parks, and environmental resources.

What can you bring to the council that’s different from other candidates in the running?

A city councilor must be able to study and comprehend data in documents like policy proposals and management plans, a city staff report, or a commissioned scientific study, but it doesn’t stop there. That same councilor must always take into account the needs of the city and the people living in and around it to make the best possible decision.

My time on nonprofit boards, my experience on the city’s Tourism Promotion Advisory Committee, my work with students and parents and colleagues at our schools, and my military service has all taught me how to interface with the public, work as part of a team, study and understand data, and collaborate on projects that will serve the needs of people.


Name: Carla Gottlieb

Age: 47

Partner/Spouse: Scott Losey

How long in Brookings: 13 years.

Education: High school, some college classes, various work experience and many wonderful mentors and teachers along the way

Employment Status: Self-employed (experience in the areas of hospitality/food & beverage, encouragement, marketing, event planning, health & wellness, bookkeeping, real estate)

What inspired you to run for council?

I feel very blessed for my life here in Brookings, and have enjoyed various types of volunteer work. I’m ready to step up, give back and serve my community in this new way. It just feels like the time has come.

If elected, my greatest wish and goal is to be a beneficial presence on the City Council, to work effectively as a team with fellow councilors, city staff, community stakeholders and most importantly, to be a voice for my community.

What do you hope to change?

Now, more than ever, an increase in civic engagement can present us with the opportunity to transform our community. Through more direct, active participation, we will be able to identify and address challenges that are specific to our very unique area and it’s needs. When we are able to identify these needs with greater detail, and communicate them to our city, county and state officials, it helps them to help us.

I’d love to see continued inspiration and activation of interested and empowered citizens of all ages, bringing their passions, knowledge, talents, creativity and dreams to the committee, commission or organization that they feel most drawn to or inspired by. There is no challenge too great, or issue too complex that we can’t solve it, Together.

Where do you see Brookings in five years?

It is my observation and belief that the reason most of us live here, and remain here, is we love it, very much how it is. What I’d like to see in the next five years and beyond is that we do our best to be good stewards of this amazing area, to the very best of our ability.

Each decision we make about things like housing development, new industries, tourism, intervention or remediation of issues caused by the fires, care of the forests, health of our rivers, medical resources, programs for our schools, has short and long term effects. As we are making decisions that affect generations, I’d like to see us take advantage of the best minds out there on any given subject.

We can visit and learn from communities who have successfully moved through similar challenges. We can seek out the best and most current research and science out there. We have access to so many resources because of today’s technology, and I believe we can move forward one step at a time, in a way that we can all feel good about.

Name your top 3 priorities

• To research and better understand what the barriers are to resolving issues of affordable/alternative housing; for families, elderly and also for people who would prefer to live with a smaller footprint, or more sustainable lifestyle. We must keep coming together as a community, with great intention, to find solutions, as soon as possible, and not give up until this is accomplished.

• To research and better understand the barriers to our community having reliable, compassionate mental health and medical resources. We must keep coming together as a community, with great intention, to find solutions, as soon as possible, and not give up until this is accomplished.

• To invite each community member to come closer to and become more involved with the issues they are most passionate about, by joining a committee or volunteer group, or maybe even helping to create new committees or commissions that are needed. We have so many amazing people here with a myriad of skills, talents and past experiences that can be so valuable to come up with solutions for challenges our community is facing. Whether we want a Community Recreation Center & Indoor Pool, a Performing Arts Center, affordable housing, tiny home communities, emergency room and hospital, or anything else we can dream up, I really believe we can create it and fund it, if we do it together.

What can you bring to council that is different from the other candidates in the running?

If I knew the other candidates, this question would be much easier to answer.

Dane Tippman and I just met, and I really like him. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting John McKinney. That being said, here are the qualities I believe I possess and will bring to the council: Honesty and integrity, sincere enthusiasm and listening, diplomacy, great communication skills, curiosity and imagination, fearlessness, compassion and empathy, inspiration, delegation and empowerment, creativity and innovation, 13-year working knowledge of our community, love for all my neighbors and our beautiful planet.


Name: John A. McKinney

Age: 61

Spouse: Susan E. McKinney

How long have you lived in Brookings: Susan and I have lived in Brookings for 28 1/2 years.

Education: I graduated from Antioch High School in 1975. I attended Los Medanos Junior College from 1976 to 1978. I attended several administration of justice classes at Sacramento City College from 1990 through 2010. I Earned a Peace Officer Basic Training (POST) certificate in 1978. I earned an advanced POST certificate in 1980. I Earned a Basic Correctional Academy certificate in 1990. I have earned dozens of additional training certificates throughout my 40-year career in law enforcement with the Antioch Police Department, California Department of Corrections, Brookings Police Department, and the FBI.

Employment status: Retired March 15, 2018

What inspired you to run for council?

I love Brookings Oregon. I have lived, worked, volunteered and raised my family, for 28 1/2 years in this wonderful town. Brooking is home and I have always believed that citizens have to stay involved with the issues of their communities. City government is a perfect opportunity for me to continue to stay involved in the city that I call home.

What do you hope to change?

I hope to partnership and work with my fellow Brookings citizens, Curry County officials, and Oregon State Officials to come up with short and long term solutions on the current increase of homeless population coming into our community.

I hope to address the fact that our urgent care facility is only opened from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. I believe the citizens of Brookings and Harbor deserve to have a medical facility opened 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, we as a community need to explore ideas to enhance medical professionals to want to live and work in our community.

Lastly, we as a community need to recognize the serious lack of mental health providers in our county and partner with local, county, and state officials with proactive ideas to help citizens who suffer from these illnesses.

I hope to address the fact that we currently do not have a school resource officer assigned to the Brookings-Harbor 17C School District.

I hope to address crosswalk safety throughout are city. Almost on a daily basis, I see pedestrians in Brookings come close to being struck by vehicles, while legally crossing Chetco Avenue as well as Railroad Street. I would like to see improvements in warning light systems, which better alerts drivers that a pedestrian are about to cross the street.

Where do you see Brookings in five years?

I see the City of Brookings in five years with a continued balanced budget, a fully staffed police department, fire department and city employees, better city roads, better city parks, less crime, better medical services and more involvement by our citizens at all

levels of our community and city government.

Name your top three priorities

Homeless population increase in Brookings.

Increase medical services for the City of Brookings.

School resource officer for the Brookings-Harbor 17C School District

What can you bring to the council that’s different from other candidates in the running?

I am bringing 61-plus years of life experience and 40 years of law enforcement experience to this position. In addition, I will bring to this council total dedication, honesty, transparency, and fiscal responsibility for all of our citizens.

Since moving to Brookings in 1990, I have activity volunteered for 28-plus years as a Brookings Police Reserve Officer and have donated more than 16,000 hours of service to the City of Brookings and to the police department. I was honored in 1990 to start the very

first Brookings Police K9 unit. I have been directly involved in the K9 unit as a handler and trainer for 28-plus years. I was awarded Volunteer of the Year for the City of Brookings in 1993.

I truly feel that I still owe the City of Brookings for the opportunity to move my wife and family here 28 ½ years ago and raise my four children in this great little coastal town that we call home.