Curry County commissioners will meet in executive session one last time today to see if any one of them is willing to change their mind and concede to the demands of union-member employees, said County Administrator Clark Schroeder.

A final meeting with union officials, employee representatives, commissioners and their attorney will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday at the courthouse annex in Gold Beach.

If they remain at an impasse, employees plan to hit the picket line the following day.

Tuesday afternoon, department heads — they and elected officials don’t belong to the striking union — met with Schroeder to determine how they will get work done without the 17 employees. Some of them are the only ones who know how to do their job, department heads have said.

“We will do our best,” Schroeder said. “To say it won’t have any effect would be a misnomer. We will keep life, health and safety in the foremost, and routine things, except those mandated by law, will probably slip.”

Those not striking plan to help where they can, he said.

Some things will go by the wayside, he admitted.

“Maybe someone has a question about a fence setback,” he said. “And maybe the person who knows that answer is answering the phone somewhere else, or something more of a dire need. We coalesced around the idea we want to help each other out.”

Also discussed in their management meeting Tuesday was the expected behavior of all involved: those striking must remain on the sidewalk outside the building and allow those working to pass unimpeded.

On the other side of the picket line, those not striking are not to interfere with those who are, Schroeder said.

“We don’t want to limit their expression to strike, or disparage their choices,” Schroeder said. “They have every right to do this.”