By Boyd C. Allen

Pilot Staff Writer

An unidentified man fell off the trail at Natural Bridge Thursday and was airlifted by Cal-Ore for treatment of undisclosed injuries.

Brendan McCormick, a tourist, stopped to see Natural Bridge and heard a man below him screaming for help.

He said he ran down the south side trail and could hear the man but not see him, so he ran back to the top and then down the north side where he saw the man lying beside the water.

“The man said he was hurt, so I ran up to call 911, but then I had to run around until I got cell service,” he said.

Oregon State Police Senior Trooper Brandon Smithers arrived quickly, according to McCormick, and the two men went down to the rock bridge to help guide rescuers.

A Cal-Ore ambulance arrived and their personnel went down the trail but said they were unable to access the man and a Cal-Ore Life Flight helicopter was on the way.

The man could be heard yelling for help until the helicopter arrived.

The helicopter arrived and slowly lowered into the inner bowl of the Natural Bridge area. The pilot was able to land on a rock in shallow water and allow the crew to treat the man and load him onto the helicopter.

When the man was loaded, the pilot radioed he had four on board and slowly slid the helicopter from below the trees before piloting it straight out of the inner bowl and flying over the ocean southward.

Cal-Ore personnel said the man was able to talk throughout the time he was being treated on the ground.

Smithers said no one knew how the man fell or from what point, and no one at the scene knew the man or where he was being taken for treatment.