Brookings man found

Jackson County deputies said they found George Gower of Brookings, who wandered off after crashing his vehicle near Applegate Lake Friday night and spending three nights outside.

Deputies found the 69-year-old man Monday after a citizen said they saw someone matching Gower’s description several miles from where his Mazda SUV rolled over an embankment. Another citizen reported that Gower had stopped a resident late Friday night to ask for directions.

The sheriff’s office suspect Gower, who has reportedly shown signs of dementia, took a wrong turn off Oregon 238.

An ambulance took Gower, 69, to Providence Medical Center in Medford for evaluation, the sheriff’s office said.

Gower was believed to be traveling from Brookings to Medford Friday, but family members had not heard from him. His medication was left behind in the vehicle.

Restoring wetlands

The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board awarded a $15,000 grant to restore a stream and wetland area on the fourth hole at Brookings’ Salmon Run golf course.

The grant was made to the South Coast Watershed Council in cooperation with the city and the Early Management Team, which manages the facility.

The U.S. Forest Service has also committed about $6,500 to this project, and Early Management Team has offered $1,688 in in-kind staff work.

The city and EMT have been working to make the golf course turn a profit — a challenging ordeal since the team signed on with the city two years ago. Much of the first year was spent repairing a backlog of issues, and last year’s bottom line was hurt by closure of the salmon season and the Chetco Bar Fire.

EMT is exploring the idea of creating a larger, permanent event center at the course to expand its offerings to conference-goers, for weddings and other events.

Bikes or bust

A Brookings juvenile cited for riding his bicycle in the skateboard park was ordered by Judge Richard Harper to complete a research project on skateboard parks in other cities and how they are financed and managed.

And Harper himself said he plans to meet with the Parks Manager Tony Baron and take the matter to the city council, where he will encourage the board to either retrofit the skatepark for dual skateboard/bicycle use or build a new bike park.

The issue of bikes using the skatepark has been ongoing since the facility was built. Skateboarders say the bikes damage the walls, but the bicyclists say they have nowhere else to practice their maneuvers. The city has tried to make it difficult to get bikes into the park near Bud Cross Park with limited success.