Voters recalled Port of Brookings Harbor Commissioners Angi Christian and Jan Barbas Tuesday by a margin of two-to-one.

Barbas was recalled on unofficial ballot returns of 2,171 to 1,015, and Christian fell 2,156 to 1,033.

The vote will be certified within 20 days, according to the clerk’s office.

When contacted for comment about the recall, Christian said she had nothing to say, and Barbas hung-up.

With only Commissioner Roy Davis remaining, the port does not have a quorum of three commissioners and, according to Chief County Deputy Clerk Shelley Denney, the Curry County Board of Commissioners (BOC) will appoint members until a quorum is met, and the new port board will appoint commissioners to fill the last two seats.

Davis said he looked forward to working with a new board and focusing on infrastructure needs.

“I want to thank the citizens of the port district for standing up and taking their port back,” he said, “and I want to encourage them to continue attending meetings and being informed of the facts.”

The recall, begun by former port staff member Skylar Windham, originally targeted commissioners Angi Christian, Jan Barbas, Roger Thompson and Andy Martin. However, Martin resigned as the recall was certified and Thompson resigned after an arrest for driving under the influence in California. Those charges were later dismissed.

Windham said he feels vindicated and elated that two-thirds of voters voted to recall the two combined.

“There is no question that this is what the public wanted,” he said.

The port board has been unable to conduct business since Martin and Thompson resigned because Davis refused to attend meetings until the recall was complete. Three commissioners must attend to reach a quorum.

Davis, who was not subject to recall, said he supported recalling the other commissioners.

The four were placed on recall petitions after they fired former Port Manager Gary Dehlinger in an executive session. Dehlinger was then reinstated and placed on paid leave before being fired again in an open hearing March 12.

Dehlinger has since filed a civil suit in federal court demanding a jury trial and damages of $2.2 million.

The suit, against the Port of Brookings Harbor, Thompson, Barbas and Christian, claims economic and personal damages and demands Dehlinger’s reinstatement.

Barbas, Christian and Thompson are being sued as representatives of the port.

Martin was not named in the federal suit because he did not vote to fire Dehlinger at the open hearing.

Dehlinger could not be reached for comment.

The recall election will cost the port about $20,000, according to estimates provided by Denney.

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