The family of Max Greenfield is now offering a reward of $5,000 for the location of the 25-year-old Harbor man or the recovery of his body.

The family has been scouring Del Norte and Curry counties since he was last seen March 17. Search parties have been unsuccessful.

“The police have searched huge portions of the Tolowa reservation multiple times,” Greenfield’s sister, Tonya Brown said. “They are continuing to look at areas and haven’t ruled anything out. My family and I have gone up parts of Rowdy Creek, Highway 197 and almost every bridge in a 30-mile radius.”

Video surveillance from the Lucky 7 Casino in Smith River shows Greenfield walking in at 1 a.m. March 18, then walking outside and waiting near the casino’s back door. At 1:50 a.m., he was seen walking around to the front of the casino, where he met with a white adult male, with whom he spoke for several minutes.

The two were then seen walking south across the parking lot adjacent to U.S. 101, until they walked out of the camera’s range. That man has been identified and interviewed, said Curry County Sheriff John Ward.

And it was the last time Greenfield was seen.

Brown said she’s received several tips that Greenfield is buried in a shallow grave on Tolowa Dee-ni’ land.

“I have heard that he was killed,” she said. “I also heard he overdosed. Either way the rumors are that he is dead. At this point we just need to find him. He has never disappeared before.”

No posts on his online accounts have occurred since that day. And checks with doctors, medical clinics and hospitals indicate no one has shown up to have staples removed from their arm, which Greenfield needed done.

“I know in my heart he is gone,” Brown said. “He has nowhere else to go. He didn’t have any money, no ID, no medication. None of his friends have seen or heard from him.”

The family is now offering the reward for anyone who “takes me or the police to his body,” Brown said. “This has been going on too long. We need to give him a proper service, and we need closure.”

Greenfield’s father died April 10, she added.

“One of the last things he asked was where his son was,” Brown said. “We’re at nine weeks now. We don’t know what to do.”

Greenfield is a white male adult, about 6’ tall, 150-160 pounds, brown hair, green eyes and a skeleton key tattoo on his left forearm. Greenfield was wearing black jeans, a dark colored T-shirt and a black jacket. Max was also wearing a dark colored knit stocking cap and carrying a black duffel bag.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Curry County Sheriff’s Office at 541-247-3242, the Del Norte Sheriff at 707-465-2468, or contact his sister, Tonya Brown, or her husband, Rob Brown, on Facebook messenger.