Friday, May 11

Non-injury traffic crash, 10:05 a.m.: Easy Street.

Driving complaint, 10:35 a.m.: 300 block of Chetco Avenue.

Non-injury traffic crash without injury, 11:12 a.m.: 600 block of Chetco Avenue.

Theft, 11:29 a.m.: Hub Street.

Civil problem, 3:26 p.m.: Brookings.

Civil problem, 5:02 p.m.: Brookings Police Department.

Animal complaint, 5:58 p.m.: Fir Street.

Suspicious conditions, 6:59 p.m.: Pine Street at Stout Park.

Disabled vehicle, 7:21 p.m.: Chetco Avenue.

Water problem, 9:56 p.m.: Hillside Avenue.

Suspicious conditions, 11:01 p.m.: Pacific Ocean near Whaleshead.

Saturday, May 12

Minor in possession of alcohol, 12:48 a.m.: Azalea Park.

Driving under the influence, 2:24 a.m.: Alder to Railroad Street.

Shot fired, 2:23 a.m.: Johns Place.

Suspicious conditions, 4:32 a.m.: Circle K.

Driving complaint, 5:25 a.m.: Dutch Brothers in Harbor.

Runaway, 9:47 a.m.: 900 Block of Pioneer Lane.

Intoxicated subject, 12:25 p.m.: Near Blue Pacific Realty.

Dispute, 1:05 p.m.: Vista Court.

Animal complaint, 1:20 p.m.: Fred Meyer.

Hit and run, 1:31 p.m.: Near McDonald’s.

Child neglect, 5:25 p.m.: Harris Beach day use area.

Animal complaint, 6:12 p.m.: Byrtus Place and Mill Beach Road.

Violation of a restraining order, 6:46 p.m.: Fred Meyer.

Loud noise, 6:52 p.m.: 600 block of Fifth Street.

Runaway, 7:47 p.m.: Pioneer Lane.

Illegal fireworks, 8:54 p.m.: Iris Street.

Driving complaint, 9:03 p.m.: Near Lucky 7 Casino.

Sunday, May 13

Loud noise, 1:12 a.m.: Hampton Street.

Minor in possession of alcohol, 2:57 a.m.: 200 block of Allen Lane.

Dispute, 3:44 a.m.: 16100 block of Hoffeldt Lane.

Fire, 9:31 a.m.: Wollam Road.

Suicidal subject, 9:53 a.m.: Eggers Road.

Non-injury traffic crash, 11:34 a.m.: Dodge Avenue and Parkview Drive.

Warrant service, 1:06 p.m.: Bi-Mart.

Criminal mischief, 3:10 p.m.: 1400 block of Seacrest Lane.

Animal complaint, 3:25 p.m.: U.S. 101 at milepost 349.

Juvenile problem, 8:07 p.m.: 600 block of Easy Manor Drive.

Violation of restraining order, 9:51 p.m.: Fred Meyer.

Monday, May 14

Water problem, 10:22 a.m.: Fern Avenue.

Dispute, 11:27 a.m.: Fifield Street.

Alarm, 12:31 p.m.: Sea View Assisted Living.

Noise complaint, 1:05 p.m.: 1400 block of Seacrest Lane.

Civil problem, 1:10 p.m.: 600 block of Fifth Street.

Theft, 1:36 p.m.: 1100 block of Easy Street.

Harassment, 2:39 p.m.: Kalmiopsis Elementary School.

Suspicious conditions, 4:02 p.m.: Fred Meyer.

Theft, 4:28 p.m.: Alder Street.

Non-injury traffic crash, 4:50 p.m.: Wharf Street and U.S. 101.

Suspicious conditions, 4:53 p.m.: Former Juanita’s Kitchen.

Mental subject, 6:10 p.m.: Iris Street.

Suspicious conditions, 6:39 p.m.: Harris Beach and U.S. 101.

Minor purchasing or in possession of alcohol, 6:54 p.m.: 600 block of Old County Road.

Theft, 7:39 p.m.: Escape Hatch.

Hit and run, 8:51 p.m.: Wharf Street.

Animal complaint, 11:03 p.m.: U.S. 101 and Fifth Avenue.

Fire, 11:08 p.m.: Social Security Bar.