By Boyd C. Allen

Pilot Staff Writer

Following a national school walkout against gun violence last month, students from across the country joined in a pro-life walkout in support of both the unborn and pregnant and parenting students, according to the Students for Life website.

An Oregon Right-to-Life Curry County (ORTLCC) report said on April 11 in support of all life, students were to walk out of classes in silence and prayer.

At Brookings-Harbor High School, senior Jacob Racho-Luis, the only student who participated, stood in the rain for 10 minutes “to honor the lives of women and their babies.”

ORLTCC coordinator Eva Klaas said Luis won this year’s Oregon Right to Life Curry County oratory contest and competed in the state contest April 7 in Portland.

He is also attempting to start a Students for Life group in the high school but said it was difficult because many students, even those in church youth groups, are pro-choice.

“And some are pro-life, but they don’t want to offend anyone,” Luis said.

Even though he let friends know about the walkout in texts and it was trending on social media, he said he was the only one who marched because other students didn’t want to miss schoolwork and others feared they would offend other students.

Luis credits his beliefs to his mother, Sarah Burd, and her pro-life views.

He said he walked out to support all human life and advocate for those humans who can’t speak for themselves.

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