The Oregon State Police have launched an investigation to find who is shooting at commercial motor vehicles with unknown projectiles in Northern Curry County.

Several truck drivers have reported their vehicles have been shot at while they were driving in the early morning hours between Langlois and Port Orford. So far, the shootings, which have caused moderate damage, have only involved commercial vehicles and not private passenger cars.

OSP has canvassed the area searching for information or evidence and spoken with residents since the investigation was launched Jan. 31. But since leads have not resulted in anything substantial, the agency is now requesting the public’s assistance.

Anyone with any information pertaining to this investigation — or anyone who is themselves a victim — is requested to call the OSP dispatch center at *OSP (*677) or 541-776-6111.

Anyone struck by a projectile while driving through the area should continue to a safe location and call 911 immediately.