By Jane Stebbin

The International Windsurfing Tour, which hosts the Pistol River Wave Bash each summer south of Gold Beach, plans to ask the city of Brookings Tourism Promotion and Advisory Committee to approve up to $10,000 needed to put on the event June 7-11.

The TPAC meeting is slated for 4 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 21, at city hall on Elk Drive.

Although the committee might agree to only fund part of the entire request, the full $10,000 would be among the largest, if not the largest, ever asked of the group.

The money is needed for filming and photographing the event — both at $2,000 apiece — and $5,000 in prize money.

The committee doles out money to organizations to encourage visitors to come to Brookings. The money is garnered by a lodging tax assessed against those staying in hotels, inns and other accommodations in town.

One requirement, however, is that the money be spent on events to entice more people to come to town. TPAC prefers those events be new and held in the off-season. Past events have included the crab festival in January, Oktoberfest and beer festivals.

The Pistol River Wave Bash organizers said in a request to TPAC they want to move the hub for the 2018 event to Brookings, starting with their opening ceremony.

“That would be a great way to get the athletes and their entourage involved in Brookings right from the start,” City Manager Gary Milliman said. “They would need a venue for the athletes to check in for the event and have dinner for about 50 athletes. The athletes would be available to sign posters and show videos from past events for the spectators, as well.”

The windsurfing tour is part of a 10-venue competition in which athletes go to such exotic locales as Barbados, Hawaii, Chile, Morocco and Hatteras, North Carolina, where the best windsurfing waves are found. Five of the 10 events are held in the U.S., and two of those in Oregon. The other is on the Columbia Gorge.

There, they use the winds to ride the waves, fly into the air and dance on the ocean, in incredible feats that draw hundreds of people to the shores to watch in amazement.

The money the group requests would promote Brookings with pre-event advertising on the tour’s website, social media, press releases and flags and banners on the beach during the contest, logos on event posters and shirts.

They are also looking for a food vendor and scaffolding for the judging tower on the beach.

“They need to know soon whether the city is prepared to help with the above funding and logistics,” Milliman said. “I have already heard from some Portland-area windsurfing enthusiasts that they would come to Brookings for this event.”

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