By Boyd C. Allen

Pilot Staff Writer

More than 100 vintage cars rolled into Gold Beach Wednesday so rally drivers and navigators could take a lunch break at the Curry County Fairgrounds. The lunch was a scheduled stop on the Great Race — a road rally beginning in Riverside,California and ending in Tacoma, Washington.

The fairgrounds’ lot was filled with gawkers and photographers who had come to see favorite cars and strange contraptions — the police car from the Blues Brothers movie with the huge, roof-mounted bullhorn was present.

Sponsored by the Hagerty Drivers Club, Hemmings Motor News and others, the race offers $150,000 in prize money. Sponsors called the rally a time, speed and endurance rally for vintage cars built before 1974.

The race is based on precision driving and navigational skills in classic, antique, and vintage automobiles, according to rules documents. It is a timed, controlled-speed, endurance rally – not top-speed race. Each vehicle follows a prescribed common route while attempting to maintain assigned average speeds.

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