Curry Pilot

Tim Stadelman and James Schutte of Brookings recently returned from Chamelecon, Honduras a suburb of San Pedro Sula where they served a faith based organization, Peaceful Waters Ministries.

The ministry is a non-profit based in Bandon and sends supplies and money to support their faith-based school, Regina Marie in Chamelecon. All money donated to Peaceful Waters Ministries, is sent directly to the school.

The recent visit in May was the latest in a series of trips dating back to 2004 when a group was lead by Rev. Heiko Junge, former priest at Holy Trinity in Bandon. Since then, some of those who went on the original trip have continued raising funds and donating time to the area.

In 2014, the group was able to purchase a large house and converted it into a school, Regina Marie. The school serves 85 students grades 7 to 11 as there are only 11 grade levels in Honduras. Brookings residents Tim Stadelman and Val Cowan oversee the school and make regular trips to the area.

School staff at Regina Marie largely have no formal training but according to a statement by Stadelman, the number one qualification to be a teacher is having a loving dedication to students.

For more information or to donate, contact Tim Stadelman at or Valerie Cowan at .