From Bach and Beethoven to Bernstein and Gershwin, concert pianist Christy Dolan will take audience members on an time-traveling musical tour of history’s most famous music during a one-time only performance in Brookings on Sunday, Oct. 14.

“The Magic of Music” concert is scheduled for 2 p.m. at the Brookings Church of the Nazarene at 1600 Chetco Ave.. It is a fundraiser for the Brookings Harbor Community Theater. Admission is “pay what you can” at the door. Donations will help the theater fund renovation of its new venue.

Dolan said she “will lead the audience into the palaces of Beethoven, telling how he refused to enter by the back door like a servant. Or how Gershwin wanted classical musicians to take him seriously so badly that he wrote “Rhapsody in Blue” to bridge the gap between classical and popular.”

During the one-hour show, Dolan offers a pianist’s perspective on how music, song, dance and acting were combined to create some of the most memorable musical theater.

“I want to focus on the emotions and feelings of the music: How did it start? Where did it go?” she said. “I will ask the audience to think back to their first experience as a child. When did you dance? Sing? Act in a play?”

Dolan will illustrate her stories by performing classical pieces from composers such as Bach, Chopin and Mozart, followed by the music of popular American composers such as Scott Joplin, Leonard Bernstein and George Gershwin.

About the artist

Dolan started playing the piano when she was 5 and by 13 she was performing her first public solo recital in Chicago. She attended the University of Southern California on a full scholarship as a piano performance major. After college, her performance career continued with solo recitals and appearances as a soloist with symphony orchestras.

She has performed piano concertos by Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Chopin, Liszt, Gershwin, Rachmaninoff and others.

Dolan has taught piano privately for 44 years. Many of her students are scattered throughout the United States with music performance careers and as university-level piano instructors.

Christy and her husband, Phillip, retired to Brookings in 2007. She plays occasionally with the Wild Rivers Symphony and accompanies stage plays presented by local theater groups.