By Mathew Brock

Pilot staff Writer

After taking second place in the Far West League the Bruins faced the Sweet Home Huskies in a Play In game on Friday to see who would earn a spot in the playoffs. After falling slightly behind in the first two innings, the Bruins secured the lead in the third and carried it to a 5-3 victory.

“They’re a great baseball club,” said Bruins coach Keith Wallin. “They showed up and knew how to swing the bat their catcher was an incredible athlete. They came with a lot of class. Like I told their coach in the sixth inning, no matter how it turned out, that was just an all around great high school baseball game.”

The Huskies started the first inning strong by hitting several outfield balls to put players on bases and earn a pair of runs. The Bruins followed up with two runs of their own to keep things tied up going into the second at 2-2. The second inning had the Huskies grab a single run in the top before completely shutting down the Bruins with three catches to take the lead at 3-2.

The Huskies managed to load the bases with two outs in the third, but the Bruins managed to end the inning just short of the Huskies making any gains. The Bruins followed up with three runs in the bottom by opening with a big hit by Jacob Racho to put him at second base. From there the Bruns loaded the bases for a big left field drive to bring in two runners. Another run put the Bruins ahead at 5-3 as they headed into the top of fourth.

The fourth inning was uneventful with both teams getting immediately shut down. The fifth followed suit with no gains for either side. The Huskies finally managed to get players onto the bases in the top of the sixth, but were shut down with a double out by the Bruins who were in turn shut down by the Huskies in the bottom.

The seventh was tense with the Huskies making their final attempt to pull ahead of the Bruins 5-3 lead. The Bruins switched up pitchers right after the first pitch, swapping out roman Worthey for Adam Shew. There the Huskies quickly put two players on the bases, but a double out from Roman Worthey took out two baseman and set up a final first-base out to end things in the Bruins favor.

Worthey pitched the first six inning with a whopping 19 first pitch strikes and a total of six strikeouts before Shew closed out the final inning.

“It was a great effort on the mound for both our guys who settled in and were able to work their way out of any jams,” Wallin said. “We did great offensively, but we got our points on the board early and came back after giving up those two points in the first to take the lead.”

With this win the Bruins have secured their spot in the playoffs. Pending the results of their Friday games, the Bruins will likely face either La Grande or Gladstone in the first round early next week.