By Nancy McClelland

Thank you for printing the Public Forum by Julie Freeman about the Siskin Finch. What a refreshing letter to inspire us instead of divide us. Julie’s reminder of trying to observe each other tenderly instead of trying to prove our point of view is something we all need to tell ourselves every day.

The problem is we sometimes lose hope. We forget that light can spread and overcome the darkness. We don’t remember that our love can overcome the obstacles that seem to be preventing us from moving on. We think we have to do it alone. We deny the help that has arisen in the past.

So what should we cling to? “Love is a flash of fire” ... a flame from the source ...whoever you feel is the power behind healing love. “Love no flood can quench, no ‘Oregon’ torrents drown.” We must believe that our love is strong, that it buoys us up and gives us the courage to hold hands into our future.

If we can step back and be in the moment (instead of mourning our losses, and anticipating, dreading our fears), we can take a breath and look ahead with acceptance. It’s a beautiful idea and it requires constant vigilance to actually achieve. But if we ask each other for help we can work together to try and strive for it.

We must believe in hope. We are all sisters and brothers. We need to look to a future when name calling and division are put behind us and cooperation and connection between people takes precedence again.

The Easter season is the time of renewal. Let us help each other by believing in a future of possibilities and encouragement. Love is a choice. We can recognize that the light in ourselves is the same light that is in others. Let’s look for light instead of darkness.

Remember we are never alone. Reach out to loved ones for help when discouragement happens. Believe in the power of love, which is resurrected every spring when new growth erupts.


Nancy McClelland is a retired elementary school teacher and lives in Brookings.