When Marge Schmidt was born, fuel for cars was only sold in drug stores. The average wage in the U.S. was 22 cents an hour, 90 percent of doctors had no college education, Las Vegas, Nevada had a population of 30 and eggs were 14 cents a dozen.

My, how times have changed.

Schmidt has made it through all those years — 103 to be precise — and celebrated that birthday April 6 with dozens of friends at Pancho’s Restaurante and Cantina in Brookings.

She said she has no secret to such longevity, other than to “just go along and things kind of all into place.”

The centenarian was born in Cleveland, Ohio, where she met her husband Tony. They first moved to Catalina Island, California, and then went on a whirlwind of journeys through Europe.

They were proud to build the first “round house” in where they enjoyed birds-eye views and gorgeous sunsets. She currently lives at Azalea Gardens in Brookings.

“Marge is living proof of positive thinking and joie de vivre,” her friends agreed. “She is an inspiration for all ages.”

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