According to a report posted March 14, Brookings City Council has approved a preliminary list of streets to be improved with local fuel tax funds over the next five years.

The project list is based largely on a street condition survey that was completed in 2009 and has been updated with new information from a staff survey conducted last month.

Projects would primarily involve grinding and resurfacing streets, but may also include replacing adjacent sidewalks.

The plan includes an $80,000 annual allocation for resurfacing streets that do not yet require grinding prior to paving.

Streets receiving paving only would be identified annually over the five year period, but would likely include streets like Parkview Drive and Third Street.

The timing of improvements will also be impacted by work needed under the streets, such as storm drain replacement.

“There are several locations where we need to deal with failing infrastructure underground before we invest in paving the street,” City Manager Gary Milliman said. “Funding for this associated work will need to be developed, and this may delay some street projects while we move other up.”

“This plan assumes voter approval of the four-cent per gallon local fuel tax at the May election,” Mayor Jake Pieper said. “This tax is generating about $290,000 annually and we have been able to do some really good work.”

Pieper noted a video concerning street improvement projects has been developed and is available for viewing on the City’s website,

Work to complete the Railroad Street reconstruction project is scheduled to begin in April.