Mathew Brock

Pilot Staff Writer

The Bruins had a moderately successful season this year, ending up in third the league before being denied a run in the state playoffs after taking a loss against Sutherlin in the play-in round.

The Bruins ended almost even at 12-13 overall at rank No. 19 in the OSAA 4A rankings. They also went 6-4 in league play.

The Bruins had a moderate non-league season as they ended slightly behind at a 6-8 overall win-loss, though they ended on a particularly high note with wins against Phoenix and Hidden Valley at the Hidden Valley tournament.

League play started out intense for the Bruins as their first game against Douglas went into overtime, but the Bruins still pulled out a tight victory at 58-51. The Bruins cut it close a second time in a row against Siuslaw as they went into overtime again for a closer 53-49 victory.

After back-to-back overtime wins at home, the Bruins travelled to face North Bend, where they suffered their first loss of the season before immediately bouncing back for a win in their next game against South Umpqua.

But as the first half of league play drew to a close, the Bruins had to face the undefeated Marshfield Pirates, who deftly defeated the Bruins, 48-22.

As the second half of league play kicked off, the Bruins bounced back with a close 71-70 victory in their rematch against Douglas and took another clean win against Siuslaw right after.

North Bend then managed to grab another close victory over the Bruins at 50-47, while the Bruins came back to beat South Umpqua a week later.

The Bruin’s league play culminated in another game against Marshfield where a 63-40 loss left the Bruins in third place in the league, just enough to qualify for a shot at the state tournament.

After capping off their league season, the Bruins received several All-Conference awards.

Brig Scholfield received first team all league honors, while Austin Fronckowiak received second team honors. Luke Beaman, Eli Mills and John Kleespies received honorable mentions.

The Bruins season ultimately ended after their play-in game against the Sutherlin Bulldogs last weekend. The Bulldogs managed to best the Bruins, 53-39, knocking them out of the running for the state playoffs.

The Bruins should retain a good portion of their team next year as they say goodbye to graduating seniors Gabe Barneburg, Jake Christensen and Michael Kreger.