Ethical Journalism?

Feb. 26, correspondence was sent to the editorial page editor and deputy editor of The Bulletin (WesCom) regarding the continued lack of acceptable ethical journalism reflected in news articles and editorials published in the Pilot (WesCom affiliate).

The correspondence included an attachment, which provided many specific examples of inaccurate reporting along with a myriad of unsupported opinions and hearsay. One example showed four significant errors in the first three paragraphs of the news article. The moral of this example was; if you tell the same lie often enough, the people will believe it.

The attachment may be viewed or downloaded at the following web address:

Below is the opening correspondence to the editorial page and deputy editor’s above:

My name is Tom Huxley. I am a commissioner in Curry County. News articles and editorials about significant county issues from Western Communications Inc. (WesCom) affiliate Curry Coastal Pilot have on a regular basis been so divergent and opposite of the truth the reader cannot take anything on face value as writer objectivity is too often blinded by anger and a lack of competent professional skills.

Thank you for taking the time to read the attached subject document including the news writer’s comments on social media on a subject they later write about.

The citizens of rural Curry County who rely on the local news media for fair and accurate information deserve better.

Thomas Huxley

Curry County Commissioner

Kudos to DAR

Congratulations to Cape Sebastian Daughters of the American Revolution for becoming commemorative partners of the Commemoration of the Vietnam War. You are supporting those who honorably served in the Vietnam War.

And I must give a shout out to my buds Bill Farrell, Howard Flood and Lump Turner. I wish I could be there with you to drink beer and sit around and lie telling war stories.

You guys are the best. Vietnam veterans won all the major battles in the war and served an average of 240 days in combat in a year when the most combat time in WW II was 40 days in four years. We won the war in 1973 with the Paris Peace Accords, which North Vietnam violated two years later.

Spielberg’s film, “The Post” wasn’t a winner at the Academy Awards, and you don’t hear about Ken Burns’ so-called documentary any more. People are wising up to see how the media, Communist sympathizers such as SDS, college students and draft-dodgers misrepresented and maligned the noble service of Vietnam veterans who went to war to stop the spread of communism.

So much for geopolitics. The point of this message is to wish you all the best and tell my brothers welcome home, and I damn well mean it.

Col. Joseph E. Abodeely

US Army (Ret)

Maricopa, Arizona

Enjoy column

We recently returned to Brookings from a two-month trip and restarted our subscription to the Pilot. We were very pleased to read the new Christian column, “Everyday Believer” in the March 3 issue.

We’re glad you’ve added this column along with your regular “Faith Forum” in Saturday’s edition. God bless you for including this column in the Pilot, and we pray you will continue to publish it regularly.

Dean and Cheryl Brickey


Generous thanks

Soroptimist International of Brookings would like to thank everyone in the community for their donations to our 12th Annual Community Baby Shower. The generosity of the Brookings community was great. We assembled more than 28 baby boxes for local babies in need.

Babies don’t get to choose the circumstances into which they are born: poverty and other difficult situations are challenging to overcome. Our community can help these babies and their families by providing the basics to improve their beginnings.

Your generous help will provide items to help them get off to a good start. Your donations stay in the local community and are distributed thru Healthy Families, Oasis House, Wally’s House, Head Start, WIC and the Pregnancy Center.

Thanks again for your generous and much appreciated support.

Debbie Grasham