Vietnam Vet stories

Our homegrown community radio station KCIW RADIO 199.7 is currently producing a radio documentary about the Vietnam War.

This will be a multi-segment program aired on several weeks. Diverse human aspects of the war will be covered. We will interview people who were in various ways affected by the war. Starting with the history: What was the war about? How did we get involved? Why did we stay so long?

We will cover the subject from the perspective of many different experiences. Some subjects we hope to cover are military vets — both male and female, wounded vets, PTSD victims, and non-affected vets. Vietnamese soldiers or civilians would certainly have an interesting point of view.

We will also talk to the families and friends who stayed home. What was it like to sit home and wait for a year while “Johnny” was off to war? Protesters, supporters, draft evaders, volunteers and anyone who feels they have information we can use will be heard.

So, if you feel you fit into any of the above categories, please contact us at We would love to talk to you. If you have something to say and do not wish to be on the radio, contact us anyway. You are important on this project, you can certainly maintain your privacy.

KCIW 100.7 broadcasts from downtown Brookings.

Ray Gary


Clintons’ deception

Oh what a tangled web the Clintons and the Democrats weave when they practice to deceive.

If there is money to be made, the Clintons will sell this country out to every other country on the face of the planet.

It does not matter if the country is China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia or any other country, the Clintons will sell us out the first chance they get.

The Clinton Foundation never delivered on millions of dollars that were supposed to go to earthquake victims down in Haiti.

Bill Clinton is such a patriot, he bribed 50 Congressmen to get NAFTA passed. Bill Clinton managed to get GATT passed during a lame duck session of Congress back in 1994.

That is appropriate because the criminal Clintons are lame ducks who should have been put in prison a long time ago.

President Donald Trump needs to stand up for the workers of this country and get us out of NAFTA and GATT now.

President Trump should release all the JFK documents now.

Joe Thomas


Facts hit the mark

Steve Beyerlin, Commissioner Boice’s campaign manager, cannot point to a single statement in my “ridiculous letter” that is not factual.

It is hard to argue with facts and figures and a little humor thrown in.

To summarize: Boice was quoted because of the bizarre comments he made regarding his two vehicles, a sentimental 20-year-old truck and “a 20-year-old Mercedes of equal sentimental value. I won’t use them.”

I was also intrigued by Boice’s emotional outburst and frustration. “I’m man enough to walk to Brookings if I have to.” But not man enough to drive one of the vehicles he owns because of sentimental reasons. When Beyerlin wrote, “the only way the travel ban works is to break a productive person’s spirit which could be the goal,” he accelerated the nonsense going on. Boice cannot drive the county car within Curry County. Outside the county, the car, the road and open horizons are all his. Commissioners Huxley and Gold drive their cars as do residents who go to work, play and live here. Boice is deliberately ignoring county policy regulations that apply to everybody else, instead of working collaboratively to affect change.

After meandering endlessly attacking Commissioners Huxley and Gold and comparing Boice’s superiority and incredible productivity — a matter of opinion — befuddled Beyerlin finally returned to his original subject, with a dire warning: “Beware of Maitland’s rants.”

My friends urged me not to respond, knowing who and where it came from. But hey! I know what I wrote and it hit the mark. Bull’s eye!

Yvonne Maitland


Brookings Halloween

As new people in a nice area of Brookings, off Fifth Street, we were told we may have a lot of kids. So I bought 15 pounds of candy and started passing out coins.

The number of children — and yes, the number of adults — was amazing. They were orderly, nice and polite. I just want to thank all our young costumed kids and their parents for a true pleasure for us.

Can’t wait until next year.

Barbara Cobb


Don’t tread on me

Things have gotten out of hand in the NFL, and any entertainment from the games has deteriorated throughout the years. I don’t find entertainment watching a highly paid player show-boating after making a tackle/touchdown or watching a player get almost trampled to death after being tackled.

The players are always trying to do something special to draw attention to themselves to justify their pay. They have lost all respect for their coaches, officials,and the paying public.

I’m highly disturbed by the players not respecting the flag or our national anthem. There are many of all colors who have died and served this countries citizens to protect our many privileges and rights.

When you disrespect the flag and anthem, you are also destroying any respect for all the people past and present who have made peaceful changes to our countries laws. Examples: Dr. Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez. These men believed in this country and tried and did change our countries laws for people of color.

I’m not saying our country is perfect, but disrespect or breaking the rules in some countries can get you prison time or death. Look what happened to the American student in North Korea who tried to take a governmental poster. It cost him his life!

Protest during our national anthem is not the place to show your dissatisfaction for your country. There are other places and times for your protests that don’t trample on the beliefs and rights of us sport fans.

Gary Hartung