Today’s (Dec. 8) downtown Brookings Second Saturday Art Walk is a special holiday celebration and the last Art Walk until April.

The Art Walk is from 3 to 6 p.m. at nine venues within two blocks of Chetco Ave.

Wright’s Fog and Fine Art Gallery, for example, will host its annual Christmas Open House. Gary Christiansen’s college students are featured artists.

Manley Art Center will have an interview with members of its Life Drawing Group at 4 p.m. And the refreshment table will be filled with holiday goodies.

At Brian Scott Gallery, the Christmas Belles — Patty Anne Da’Cunha and Shirley Hyatt — will be ringing in the holiday music at 4:45 p.m. For their backdrop, gallery artists will create a “Winter Wonderland” of small paintings, as well as holiday treats.

A Community Poetry Slam is at the Chetco Community Public Library at 405 Alder St. in Brookings. Performers may bring their own poetry or recite a poem by one of their favorite poets.

And there’s a new art walk venue — Forecastle Books — ringing in the holidays.

Most venues will also provide free refreshments and live music performed by artists representing various musical styles. There are no admission charges, and there’s no obligation to buy.

For anyone who misses any of the Second Saturday Art Walk, an after-Art-Walk report with photos is at class="Apple-converted-space">


1. Ambiance by the Sea at 530 Hemlock St. will have a book signing by Georgia Cockerham. Julie Scott’s mermaids on repurposed wood are featured. The theme is “Coastal Christmas Holiday.”

2. Brian Scott and Signatures galleries at 515 Chetco Ave. hosts a “Winter Wonderland” all-artist show. Music by Patty Anne Da’Cunha.

3. Chetco Community Public Library at 405 Alder St. displays “Nature,” artwork from three regional artists, in the meeting room. The lobby showcase features a display of nutcrackers.

4. Chet’s Garden Center at 301 Oak St. features the myrtle-framed, pen-and-ink drawings of artist Dana Nelson. Music performed by Two Times Nelson.

5. Feather Your Nest at 800 Chetco Ave. shows up-cycled gifts and home decor by Liz Williamson. Music by Rapp Brush.

6. Forecastle Books at 547 Chetco Ave. features photos by David Lovell who will be on site for a meet-and-greet, and sculptures by the late Manual Lopez. Music by Lon Goddard.

7. Manley Art Center at 433 Oak St. displays art by the Life Drawing Group. The gallery theme is “Silhouettes.” The classroom hosts Chetco Photographers, Tuesday Painters, more Life Drawing, Mudslingers, Fiber Arts and more. Music by Robert Kosslyn.

8. Semi Aquatic Gallery at 654 Chetco Ave. presents local coffee roasters Martin and Hannah Jennings offering samples. Also, art by owner Spencer Reynolds, who creates beach-themed art.

9. Wright’s Fog and Fine Art Gallery at 810 Chetco Ave., presents art by college students of Gary Christiansen, and art by 35 others. Holiday songs and music presented by various performers.

(photo credits)

By the Sea by Julie Scott, Ambiance By the Sea

Santa by Kay Meyer, Brian Scott Gallery

Sea Gulls Ascendingby Christine Sevier, Chetco Community Public Library

Passion of the Bees by David Lovell, Forecastle Books