Randy Robbins

“A Gathering of Individuals” was presented by the Ellensburg Theater Youth Dance Collaborative (ETYDC) recently to the stage of the Rogue Playhouse in Gold Beach.

Twelve dancers, ages 9 through 18, brought together their collective ideas for original performances to director and choreographer,

Vanessa Spini fashioned a storyline set in New York City’s Times Square on a set designed by Todd Lensing and painted by Gold Beach High School drawing and painting classes.

Local concert pianist, Michele Goritz Berlant composed original scores for each dancer based on interviews.

Spini said she was happy with the results of the performances held April 13-15.

“I want dance to be as open as drawing, painting, or any of the arts,” Spini said. “Our theme is that dance empowers the individual as well as providing connection with others.”

Berlant echoed her partners remarks on ETYDC’s debut.

“It is my wish that each participant takes with them all the imagination, creativity, energy, strengths, and resourcefulness that they established in this collaborative and apply them to their future projects,” Berlant said. “Bravo to all involved for achieving so much in such a short expanse of time.”

Students who performed were Emily Adams (Emma), Emma Armstrong (Aces), Gavin Clark (Vladimir), Hannah Heritage (Jackie), Dylan Jackson (Carlos), Scarlett Kilburn (Haruhi Fuijoka), Bella Laakso (Kendra), Maizie Martinez (Amelia), Abigail Merica (Promise), Donald Pariseau (Jashulum), Marissa Somers (Mia) and Litzy Vasquez (Carson).