Sometimes you just need to get out of Dodge.

In my hometown in Colorado, you knew you were ready for a getaway when Kremmling — the hick cowboy town downriver — started looking good. Your urge to leave might be alleviated by a trek to Denver, a mere two-hour jaunt down the hill. Or you might really need to get out, to the Caymans, or Thailand.

Short weekend jaunts were easy: Moab, the Upper C, Browns Canyon, Strawberry Hot Springs.

I’ve been thinking about those places, as the rain falls here, and falls and falls.

But where to go? Options are endless.

And then I found, a website whose motto is: “Let us plan your three-day weekend! The catch? Your destination is a surprise!”

You don’t pick anything, the least of all, where you’re going.

First, you answer a bunch of questions: Your budget, travel and accommodation preferences. Travel dates. Some travel preferences: history, culture, party-hearty, romance, adventure, shopping, sports.

Then: They book it all in line with your expenses and travel dates. (My budget might get me to Eureka! haha!)

Three: You get an email a week before your departure date. It includes the weather forecast for your mystery destination, recommended items to pack (I’m hoping scuba gear and hiking boots!) and where to go and when, such as Portland International Airport, Friday at 10 a.m.

Step Four reads: “A few days before your trip, you receive an envelope in the mail, which you do NOT open just yet. This envelope contains directions to your accommodations and your city guide. “We’ll send you off with a list of recommendations for everything from cafes to nightlife to rainy-day activities. We promise you won’t be bored wherever you go. But remember, don’t open this envelope yet!”

I’m antsy just THINKING about this!!

And last, but not least: You go to the designated location at the given time, open your envelope, and head out to …? That sounds like my kind of surprise.

How fun could this be!!

Be adventurous. Be spontaneous. Embrace the unknown. It sends chills of quivery goodness down my spine just thinking about it.

I’ve often thought about just booking a weekend ticket and heading to, oh, I don’t know: Washington, D.C., Georgia, Vermont.

And I’m assuming they allow me opt out of places I’ve spent a lot of time (Denver, San Francisco, San Diego, Reno, Portland) and places I have no desire to visit (Las Vegas, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles).

One traveler testimonial reads: “It’s not so much where you go that matters but your attitude and willingness to go with the flow.”




Traveler: “From the moment you open that envelope, this experience invites a wonderful, throw-your-hands-up spirit of come-what-may adventure.”




The Outer Banks?

The *other* Portland?


On a train?! In a canoe!?

I’m open-minded enough to go anywhere!

And I’m ready. I’ve got my bathing suit and scuba fins packed. It’s really all I need!