Randy Robbins

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) established the kingdom of An Tir in Ophir for its annual Renaissance event.

Nearly a thousand people attend the event hosted by the SCA, a nonprofit educational society dedicated to the recreation of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

People pretend it’s 1599.

One man is channeling his inner King Arthur. Another man bangs away at metal in a blacksmith’s hot flame. Others hawk their wares in several “Ye Ole Shoppes.” Maids privately envy the good life of the ladies-in-waiting all dressed up in lace.

The focus is on recreating the time frame prior to 17th century Europe. According to the SCA website their devotees number 30,000 and it claims to have 20 kingdoms in the known world. The annual gathering in Ophir is considered by SCA as one of its prime locations.

An Tir represents Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, the northern tip of Idaho, Yukon and Northwest Territories. Summits Kingdom is from Southern Oregon and Tir Righ encompasses Western British Columbia and Northern Washington.

Visitors are welcome to join. Civility is stressed throughout the camp and interchanges even between warring factions keep it friendly as a rule, according to the website.

The highlight is the An Tir Wars, which pit enemy kingdoms in homemade battle gear against each other. Safety is paramount with anything potentially sharp being covered in rubber. Referees ensure that the games progress with the well being of the participants in mind.

For more information on the Society for Creative Anachronism check their website www.antir.sca.org.