The Del Norte-Curry Community Concert Association announces a musical comedy duet performs at 3 p.m. Sunday, April 22, at Crescent Elk Auditorium at 994 G St. in Crescent City.

The duo, calling itself Duo Baldo, consists of violinist Brad Repp and pianist and actor Aldo Gentileschi. They combine musicianship, theatrical humor and pop culture.

Duo Baldo was formed in 2002 when American violin student Repp and aspiring actor Gentileschi met at a café on the outskirts of Florence, Italy. The duo began experimenting with new show ideas, and eventually became the highlight of the town, drawing in audiences from all over, according to an association news release.

Now, the duo has recorded more than 1,000 performances in major concert halls and theaters around the world.

The charismatic duo combines classic music and comedy in a way that has audiences doubled over in laughter, while also giving them a new appreciation for classic music, according to the news release.

Tickets are $20 for adults and free for children and students.

The association is offering a special offer. Non-members can attend this concert for free if they buy a subscription for 2018-19 season at the price of $45.

The Del Norte-Curry Community Concert Association has been presenting internationally-acclaimed artists to the Crescent City and Brookings areas since 1948. The association also sponsors free master classes and outreach performances to students, as touring schedules allow, in addition to their scheduled evening concerts.

For more information please call 707-951-3102.