Pageant planners seek sponsors

Sponsors are needed to fund the Azalea Scholarship Pageant awards.

The pageant committee is committed to helping five Brookings-Harbor High School senior girls realize their potential and instill confidence to unlock their skills.

Community involvement is a part of the Azalea Court’s role in this longstanding community tradition. The princesses participate in events that include the Azalea Festival parade and appearances out of the area while promoting the Brookings-Harbor community.

Each princess is committed to community service:

•Chantelle Nelson is assisting the Junior Chamber of Commerce with the Azalea Parade.

•Jocelyn Kay is helping Chetco Brewing Co. coordinate the Party at the Port.

•Brooke Raiter is working with Pelican Bay Arts Association.

•Sabrina Christopher is concentrating on the Brookings-Harbor Garden Club’s programs.

•Tylinn Pieren has reached out to Pirate Productions, which organizes the street fair.

The Azalea Pageant Committee coaches the princesses in speech, poise, etiquette, produces the Azalea Scholarship Pageant and coordinates the court’s activities and appearances.

This coaching improves skills, helps the girls define and reach goals and builds community ties that will be passed on to future generations, according to members of the pageant committee, which consists of Crissy Cooper, Jess Bergman, Tina Gardner, Verlayn McManus and Ira Tozer.

For information on how to feature a business in the Azalea Pageant program or participate in sponsorship options, and to schedule appearances by the princesses, contact the committee at .

The Azalea Scholarship Pageant is scheduled for May 5 at the Brookings Church of the Nazarene.

It happened later than usual, but the Azalea Scholarship Pageant board of directors has chosen the 2017 princesses.

Competing to reign over the 78th Azalea Festival are Sabrina Christopher, Jocelyn Kay, Chantelle Nelson, Tylinn Pieren and Brooke Raiter, all seniors at Brookings-Harbor High School.

The princesses will compete for the crown during a scholarship pageant in May.

Sabrina Christopher

Christopher is the daughter of John and Deborah Christopher of Brookings.

She wrote in her scholarship application that she enjoys beachcombing and working with animals, including goats, chickens, cats, dogs, a horse and a rabbit.

“My favorite animals are pigs and frogs because they remind me of watermelon when they’re together,” Christopher said. “Another reason I like frogs is because my mother always told me when I was little I was the frog princess.”

However, the beginning of her princess aspirations was when she moved to Brookings seven years ago and saw the court in the Azalea Festival parade.

“Seeing them made me want to be as brave, courageous, beautiful and strong as they were,” Christopher said.

She also enjoys gardening and making apple pies.

“My sister Ariel and brother John tend to cook the most because I am so busy with homework or (playing) sports,” Christopher said.

She is involved in bowling, cheerleading, volleyball and softball.

After graduation, she plans to attend Southwestern Oregon Community College to complete her general studies requirements, then attend Oregon State University to study veterinary science.

Jocelyn Kay

Kay has lived in Brookings her entire life.

“I have grown to love the ocean, the redwoods and everything this town has to offer,” Kay said. “I have three older sisters and my parents are high school sweethearts who have recently celebrated 30 years of marriage.”

She is the daughter of Angie and Jerry Kay.

After high school, Kay desires to attend Lane Community College in Eugene to begin her studies in human services.

“I want to be a social worker for children and families so I can help them get into better homes and living situations to better their lives,” Kay said.

Meanwhile, Kay has been involved in sports, and is currently the captain of the varsity basketball team. She also enjoys volleyball, hiking, boogie boarding and fishing.

She is also a Harry Potter fanatic and enjoys all things Disney.

“Singing along in the car to Disney songs with my friends is one of my favorite things,” Kay said.

She was a member of Grace Notes girls choir for two years.

Chantelle Nelson

Nelson, the daughter of Kim Cooper and Rick Nelson, aspires to make music a part of her life.

She sings with Sea Breeze choir.

“As a junior I went to the All State Choir Conference as a second soprano and got the chance to sing with 200-plus other talented musicians,” Nelson said.

After graduation, her plans are to attend Portland Community College and Portland State University. Her goal is to earn a degree in music education.

She is also a three-sport athlete: soccer, basketball and track. She has won awards in soccer and has served as an all-league goalkeeper.

When she is not involved in school, she enjoys being active.

“Whenever I have free time, I’m either with my family or trying to find a new trail to hike with my friends,” Nelson said. She also enjoys camping upriver during the summer and finding snow in the winter.

“Although these adventures are always exciting, I’m hoping to start my next journey by being a part of the Azalea pageant,” Nelson said.

Tylinn Pieren

Anyone familiar with the stage in the Brookings-Harbor community recognizes Pieren as an actress and singer.

She has been involved with Chetco Pelican Players and Brookings-Harbor Community Theater (BHCT) since the sixth grade, and has sang in school choirs since the seventh grade.

She was prepared to be involved with young thespians for BHCT; however, this plan won’t happen because of the closure of the Dori Randall Performing Arts Center.

“I made a commitment to co-direct and act as an acting coach for the youth who would have been involved with this production,” Pieren said. “I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to apply for and be a part of the Azalea pageant. This will now be my commitment and responsibility.”

Although she enjoys the limelight of the stage, her ambition is to become an archaeologist.

“I enjoy being outdoors and studying the history that can be found around me,” Pieren said. “I love to study the past and the artifacts that tell the past’s story.”

In the fall, Pieren plans to attend Portland Community College and Portland State University and major in archaeology and minor in anthropology.

She is the daughter of Wendy Ross and Joshua Pieren.

Brooke Raiter

Raiter has been involved in theater for six years, either on stage or backstage. Her hobbies include art, basketball, singing and photography.

Being a princess has been a life-long goal since she was a girl sitting on the sidewalk watching the Azalea Festival parade.

“I would wait for the princesses to come in their cars with my dad because it was my favorite part,” Raiter said. “I knew one day I would grow up to be just like them and, of course, I princess-waved to them.”

Her father encouraged her to reach for her princess goal. However, six months ago he passed away. This hasn’t stopped Raiter from her aspiration.

“My dad was my rock and my go-to,” Raiter said. “I miss him tremendously.”

Her mother is Tanya Raiter.

After high school, Raiter would like to become part of an advertising team for a large company.

She plans to attend Portland or Linn-Benton community colleges and Portland State University.