Ryan Sparks
Curry Coastal Pilot

Teams representing the 101 Bar and Grill and Vista Pub continued their winning ways on Thursday in Brookings-Harbor Recreational Softball League play.

Vista Pub's offense scored often and early as they found a groove against Laflor for a 30-5 win.

Jonathan Kennedy had a highlight reel three-run home run to deep left centerfield to put the icing on the cake late in the game.

"He's awesome," said Vista Pub pitcher Chuck Bond. "We have two or three guys that can do that anytime they get up to bat."

Bond, who pitched a stellar game, was able to work out of several jams.

"It wasn't as easy as it looks. That plate gets really small," said Bond. "With a three ball count, the plate looks like the size of a dime. It's nice they stuck with me and we got the win."

The 101 team, which defeated Vista Pub in a game last week, won via forfeit over team KMJ, who were unable to field a full team.