When the final team scores were tallied it was a difference of just three points that gave the Brookings-Harbor Mat Club (BHMC) wrestling team its first team victory at its own tournament but that was enough for Head Coach Steve Lewis.

"It is very good," he said. "It's the first time in three years that we've taken first. We took third last year. We went from zero to third to first."

Second place was a tie between Illinois Valley and Gold Beach mat clubs, but Illinois Valley had five 1st-place finishes compared to Gold Beach's four and won the tie-breaker.

For the wrestlers - some of whom were wrestling for the first time in competition - the tournament was a chance to prove themselves against some of the best from Southern Oregon.

"It was really awesome," first-place winner Max Russell said. "It's the first time I got first place. It's epic."

For a number of BHMC wrestlers it was a first time to do well at a tournament.

"There were a lot of excellent things we saw today," Lewis said. "Kids who haven't had much success in the past have had a lot today. I'm really proud of them."

First-place finishers are listed by age division and weight class.

Pee Wee: 35-pound weight class-Rayden Mundt, Cave Junction; 38-pound-Iver Lindsey, Cave Junction; 42-pound-Kaiden Blake, Brookings; 45-pound-Wyatt Lewis, Crescent City.

Bantam: 40-pound-Robbie Stockton, Brookings; 42-pound-Porter Murdock, Brookings; 45-pound-Thunder Lewis, Crescent City; 49-pound-Hayden Rosencrans, Brookings; 50-pound-Wyatt Jennings, North Medford; 52-pound-Owen Jennings, North Medford; 54-pound-Bert Taylor, Crescent City; 60-pound-Austin Dietrich, Brookings; 65-pound-Caden Ortega, Myrtle Point; 68-pound-Logan Clayburn, Myrtle Point; 70-pound-Max Russell, Brookings. Midget: 50-pound-Ebyn Lindsey, Cave Junction; 56-pound-Aldaron McCovey, Crescent City; 58-pound-Aidin King, Crescent City; 60-pound-Landyn Miller, Gold Beach; 64-pound-Joshua Hannan, Brookings; 66-pound-Eddie Hartwick, Crescent City; 72-pound-Dimitri Chiampi, South Medford; 80-pound-Billy Lewis Jr., Crescent City; 90-pound-Robbie Caster, North Medford; 100-pound-Brad Russell, Brookings. Novice: 66-pound-Killian Cosgrove, North Medford; 70-pound-Soren Gustafson, Gold Beach; 78-pound-Skylar Wylie, Illinois Valley; 90-pound-Justin Josephson, South Medford; 106-pound-Michael Willie, Illinois Valley; 132-pound-Brayden Clayburn, Myrtle Point. Cadet: 120-pound-Kia Jamison, Crater; 140-pound-Phillip Spencer, Brookings.

School Boy: 84-pound-Christian Engles, Illinois Valley; 103-pound-Takoda Pope, Myrtle Point; 112-pound-Cole Schumack, South Medford; 130-pound- Taylor Weidemiller, Gold Beach; 140-pound- Dane Alvarez, Illinois Valley; 160-pound- Ayden Lindsey, Illinois Valley.