All too often, my column points out the negative aspects of sports' fans, players, coaches, et. al., but this week I'm sending out some much needed kudos to the fans of the Brookings-Harbor High School football team.

It can be hard on fans to come out and support a team that can't catch a break (or a win, for that matter) so, when homecoming night rolled around with a game against the undefeated Siuslaw Vikings, I didn't expect the stands to be super packed.

Sure, they had the Hall of Fame and homecoming court announcements at halftime and that swelled the numbers to above capacity, but I didn't expect anyone to stay past halftime.

So I was immensely surprised when I turned around late in the fourth quarter and the stands were still packed.

Congratulations BHHS fans on doing what needs to be done: staying until the very end.

I know that drumming up more school spirit has been a big push at the high school.

Over the last month or so, (maybe longer, I don't know) Athletic Director Buell Gonzales has been looking for ideas to make homecoming week more spirit filled and will hopefully continue to bring back traditions that drive up spirit levels.

I also know that senior Jessica Yock was hoping to drive school spirit up with activities that the students could enjoy and so homecoming week included a bonfire and a pie-eating contest as well as unique dress-up days.

I think that a tailgate party/barbecue with games and activities, as well as good food, before every home game would help to drive school spirit.

We, as a sports community, need to make every home football game an event.

There aren't that many home football games each fall so it wouldn't be all that difficult.

Maybe have a decoration contest - see who can decorate their tailgate area the best - or have a Best of the Bruin Barbecue contest. (I'd be glad to grade some grilled goods.)

Once the spirit is up for football it should spill over into other sports as well.