For the first time in the 2013-2014 season the Brookings-Harbor High School boys soccer team was scored on before they could score.

"They came out and put a goal on us and we kind of had to fight through adversity," senior co-captain Derek Hodge said. "It took a while to get used to it; we haven't been down all season. Once we got the hang of it, we started to talk to each other and we pushed through it."

It didn't happen until the second half of the game, but the Bruins did "push through" it and scored four goals to defeat the Pirates of Pacific High School 4-1.

The Pirates scored in the first half after a hand ball by the Bruins in the 18-yard box allowed the Pirates a free shot on goal.

Bruins' goalkeeper Carlos Lira dove left and the ball went right giving the Pirates a one-goal lead.

While the Bruins kept the ball on the Pirates' side of the field for most of the game, the first half found them unable to score.

"I thought we dominated a big percentage of the game," Head Coach Gabriel Anaya said. "We were on their side most of the game, we just didn't have a chance to score in the first half."

Co-captain Nels Johnson was disappointed with how his team played.

"We were just slacking," he said. "Not communicating and making bad passes. We pulled together a little bit, but I think everybody just had an off-game and weren't playing to their full potential."

The Bruins found some space in the second half and were able to score four goals in quick succession.

Senior David Joyce took a solo shot early in the second half to tie the score.

His goal was followed about 15 minutes later by Wyatt Aldrich putting the ball in the goal after a cross pass from Hodge made it through the defense.

With about 10 minutes remaining in the game, a hand ball on the Pirates gave the Bruins a chance at a penalty kick.

Senior Jake Vaughn took the penalty shot, but was blocked by the Pirates' goalie. Vaughn was quick to follow up the shot though and was able to punch the ball into the net before the goalkeeper could bring it under control.

The Bruins' final goal came with just five minutes remaining when Nels Johnson took a throw-in and put it in the goal to finalize the score at 4-1.

With the win, the Bruins improve to 6-0 and will host Marshfield High School (2-3) at 5 p.m. on Tuesday.