The Brookings Pool opened its doors on June 1 and with the 5th annual Rotary swim lessons, close to 100 third graders call the pool home for an hour each day this week.

For the fifth year Kalmiopsis third graders were able to take swim lessons thanks to the Rotary Club of Brookings-Harbor and its volunteers.

"Rotary pays for this each year," third grade teacher Ken Olsen said. "It's important because it gets the kids thinking about water safety as we head into the summer and they start spending time up the river and at the beach."

According to Olsen, the swim lessons are accompanied by a complete unit in the classroom with videos and instruction on water safety and responsibility.

Whether or not the classroom portion takes hold with the kids is up for debate, but they certainly have fun in the pool.

"I love it," Jamerson Phellan, a third grader in Olsen's class said. "It's fun. Especially jumping in the pool."

Brekken Clarke, a third grader in Marion Carrillo's class, agreed.

"It was a lot of fun," he said. "Especially when they gave us the choice to jump off the diving board and stuff."

The lessons are staffed by pool employees and Rotary volunteers to help the third graders acclimate to the water and learn to swim.

"I think it is important for kids to learn to swim," volunteer Carol Jorgensen said. "I hate to see them fearful of the water, that's really sad."

The pool has released its limited spring schedule which will be in effect until June 15 and its full summer schedule as well as current rates for individuals, families, lessons and season passes.

The pool will offer adult exercise classes, early-bird, noon and evening lap swims.

The pool will also continue to offer a swim club which according to founding member Lana Walker, will offer kids - who know how to swim - a chance to develop their swim strokes and increase their endurance.

A full schedule and price list are found below.