While Sunday's doubleheader losses may not have been indicative of how good they are, Surfside Bruins Head Coach Tony Baron, says they are much better.

"This home game was not good," Baron said after recording the team's second loss of the day. "We have played so much better than this."

The Bruins lost the first game of the doubleheader, 3-16, and the second game, 1-12, to the Humboldt Mist.

It was the Surfside Bruins first home game of the season and the Bruins' performance left Baron shaking his head.

"We beat better teams than this earlier in the season," he said. "We even beat the Mist earlier."

The Bruins are made up of girls from Brookings, Gold Beach and Crescent City and are preparing for the tournament season as an Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) softball team.

The team heads to Junction City this weekend for the Cinco de Mayo tournament.