"We played really well," Junior Varsity Head Coach Jess Beaman said. "It was very good to come back from losing to Siuslaw on Monday and get a win today. It really helped to get the kids' spirits up and get the win."

The Bruins were able to score 12 runs to the Bulldogs 3 in the victory as they improved to 3-3-1 overall on the season.

The JV squad will host South Umpqua on Friday for doubleheader action in games beginning at 3 p.m.

Varsity squad drops game to Sutherlin, 3-6

According to varsity Head Coach Keith Wallin, the Bruins had a chance to tie the game up in the seventh, but just weren't able to pull out the win on the road and they lost 3-6 to the Sutherlin Bulldogs.

"The boys didn't give up," Wallin said. "We need to work hard this week and prep for the next one."

Corwin Farquhar went 2-for-4 with two runs scored, while Alec McBride went 2-for-4 with one run.

The Bruins pitched by committee on Tuesday with Wyatt Aldrich taking the mound early for two innings, followed by Ronnie Manley for two more innings. Bryce Aldrich closed the game with two innings of work.

The Bruins will travel to South Umpqua on Friday for doubleheader action that is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m.