Scoring. It happened quick and it happened often as the Brookings-Harbor High School boys soccer team exercised its dominance over the Trojans of Douglas, 9-1.

Six different Bruins scored and senior captains Alan Anaya, 2 goals, and Luis Rodriguez, 3 goals, both had multiple scores.

"It felt really good," Anaya said of his two goals. "It's really nice to contribute to the team."

Freshman David Daniels agreed that it was nice to score, but explained it's more than just scoring and winning.

"We're trying to stay in first place," he said. "But we're also keeping up the teamwork and overall skills."

Head Coach Gabriel Anaya agreed that games where the competition isn't very high are the place to work on basic skills.

"It was kind of a flat game," he said. "I wish it had been a little bit more of a challenge.

"We had great passing from the midfield up to the front. Every time we kept the ball on the ground and passed with three to four touches, we scored. It happened four or five times."

The goal that opened the floodwaters came early in the first half when Cole Hannan put a ball past the goalie and into the net. His goal was soon followed by the first of Rodriguez's hat trick.

Fernando scored by caroming the ball off the back of a defender and into the goal to put the Bruins up 3-0 as the first half wound to a close.

Rodriguez opened the second half scoring drive with two goals to fill out his trick on great assists from Nels Johnson and Wyatt Aldrich.

The lone goal for the Trojans came in the second half when a direct free kick glanced off Daniels' headed andndash; Daniels and other Bruins had formed a defensive wall between the kicker and the goal andndash; and changed course just enough to get by goalie Alex Garibay's outstretched hands.

With the exception of the single goal scored by Douglas, Garibay had a stellar day at keeper, stopping three Trojans' shots on goal with diving saves.

Anaya began his hunt for a hat trick in the middle of the second half with the first of two goals just after Douglas scored.

Rodriguez wasn't content just to score as he assisted Daniels and then assisted Anaya's second goal with a seemingly perfect give-and-go pass play that found Anaya in perfect position to put the ball in the net.

Johnson wasn't content either to just serve the ball to Rodriguez and closed out the Bruins' scoring drive by putting the 9th and final goal in the net.

According to coach Anaya the most of the second half belonged to Bruins' non-starters.

"Last 25 minutes of the game, I had my bench players in," he explained. "It's always good to get as many people playing time as we can. It gets them experience."

The other thing Anaya did with his players was to play people out of the positions they normally play, including Bryce Aldrich who typically plays defense, but got a chance to play the forward position.

Aldrich's shots on goal were so hot and fast that the Trojan goalie wouldn't have had a chance of stopping them if they had been on target.

"Everybody was trying to score," Anaya explained. "They just didn't all go in."