With the 2012 Azalea Festival Fun Run 10K and half marathon races complete, event organizer Brittany Jenkins is looking forward to next year, even as she reflects on the success of this year's event.

"It felt like it was good," Jenkins said. "We had the same number of participants as last year, so it was what it was again."

With more than 70 participants spread between the 10K and the half marathon, these events had approximately the same number of entrants as the 2011 run.

What increased the overall numbers significantly for the 2012 event was the addition of a Kid's Dash. More than 30 children from toddler all the ay to tween ran the 1-mile distance and were rewarded with a goody bag and a ribbon.

"The Kid's Dash was great," Jenkins said. "They had such a good time. It was awesome."

While the event was successful Jenkins was quick to point out that there were improvements that needed to be made.

"Our signage was a major problem and it's one thing we'll focus on making better next year," she explained. "We had volunteers but we need more bodies pointing people in the right direction so runners don't get out there and feel lost. It's horrible to be in the middle of the race and feel like you're lost."

Jenkins felt like everything went off well, and attributed part of the success to the beauty of the route.

"People enjoy running here because it's a good climate and great scenery," she said. "It all takes your mind off of running the distance."

The competitors ranged in age from 11 to 68 among those who chose to fill out the age portion of the entry form.

The top two finishers in the 10K, Chris Burton and Riley Frazier, are both 14 years old and finished side-by-side with a time of 45:04.

The top finisher from the half marathon was Lisa Ward of Gold Beach who finished the 13.1 miles in 1:38:38.

Race Results

Race times for the 10K are Chris Burton, 45:04; Riley Frazier, 45:04; Ken Shirley, 46:06; Eric Garza, 48:28; David Barneburg, 48:56; Markus Clay, 50:54; Cassie Fitzhugh, 51:38; Loree Price, 51:52; Morgan Shirley, 52:20; Slade Sapora, 53:32; Phillip Montoya, 53:58; Bruce Day, 53:58; Patrick George, 54:24; Esmeralda Garza, 56:25; Craig Learned, 56:26; George Fitzhugh, 56:27; Lorna Rodriguez, 56:35; Tracy Schiavone, 58:05; Lisa Molina, 59:29; Cyndi Hansen, 59:54; James McCarten, 1:00:43; Audra Pachmayet, 1:00:48; Nathan Heath, 1:01:11; Morgan Early, 1:01:42; Donald Huggins, 1:02:23; Janell Barneburg, 1:03:23; Seamus Fitzgerald, 1:04:38; Gene Gurney, 1:05:32; Alice Sandusky, 1:05:38, Danielle Daniels, 1:06:29; Tim Smith, 1:07:04; Karin Donnelly-Smith, 1:07:15; Rick Molitor, 1:14:12, Kris Molitor, 1:14:12; Beverly Skene, 1:15:50; Sarah McDonald, 1:16:27; Laura Ramirez, 1:16:44; Valerie Early, 1:16:47; Skip Gregoike, 1:18:20; Jef Hatch, 1:20:00; Lisabeth Messick, 1:30:39; Ricky Molitor, 1:34:17; Karen Nelson, 1:34:17; Noemi Jenkins, 1:44:04; Sandra Jenkins, 1:45:45; Linda Cooper, 1:45:46; Pamela Haywood, 1:49: 28; Angi Christian, 1:49:29; Jeff Kimball, 1:49:36.

Race times for the half marathon are Lisa Ward, 1:38:38; Richard Adomitis, 1:38:55; Dana Perry, 1:46:29; Megan Able, 1:49:09; Sarah Oliver, 1:51:26; Terry Britten, 1:53:40; Josh Moffit, 1:53:45; Becky George, 1:56:41; Brett Crosier, 1:58:22; Ted Fitzgerald, 1:58:31; Arman Carrasco, 1:58:35; Brandi Rodgers, 1:58:35; Sharon Fitzgerald, 1:58:51; Joe Donahue, 1:59:24; Tana Bachmann, 2:04:30; Deborah Lawrence, 2:06:44; Hanna Leonard, 2:09:57; Zach Kessler, 2:19:43; Kedrick Nelson, 2:21:42; Scott Darger, 2:21:45; Mikaela Lea, 2:22:05.